Friday, 22 October 2010

Catholic France Comes to Carmarthenshire

Last weekend as we parked up to go into a shop, and all family members clambered out of our 'not-quite-the-Popemobile,' something in my periphery vision caused me to take a second look.

On making sure everyone was safely decamped I ushered them over to what I had seen, and there, in the shadow of the famous Parc y Scarlets on a French car was a sticker bearing what was quite clearly the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart, intertwined with a slight modern take on it (as pictured above right).

The children were very excited to see such a Catholic symbol on public display.

On closer inspection the word 'Vendee' was at the top of the sticker. This led to an impromptu history lesson, and I told them all about the Vendee Catholics who rose to defend the Catholic Faith against the Masonic French Revolution and its reign of terror (why is atheistic terror always ushered in on a promise of the 'brotherhood of man?' - and I don't mean cheesy 70s pop songs).

I had read of the bravery and sacrifice of the Vendee people, in what became known as the Vendee Wars, but I hadn't realised that the symbol of that region remains today the Hearts of Christ and Mary entwined.

It is a beautiful emblem that the people of that part of France should be extremely proud of.

Sadly the uprising of the faithful Catholics of the Vendee is little known outside of some Catholic circles (the link below details how its very existence was blotted out of French history).

The Vendee Wars

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