Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Can we PLEASE Have a Fully Catholic Press?

George Bernard Shaw, Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton
I saw this article on the wonderfully devotional and dare I say chaotic (kitchen renovation ongoing) blog Lead Kindly Light (see link below).

I must confess to not reading the Catholic press, partly because much of it depresses me. The Tablet seems to be following an anti-Catholic line on matters of morality, opposed to the teaching of the Popes. Many moons ago I used to get The Universe, but only found the historical material 'floated my boat' (and their spin-off historical mags have been wonderful).

I think I am wishing for a Catholic press of yesteryear, one that was Traditional and Faithful to the teaching of the Church down the ages, whilst fighting for the poor and needy (in the footsteps of Popes like Leo XIII and Pius X).

I yearn for a GK Chesterton or Hilaire Belloc to lead the Catholic press back to tradition, to a crusading zeal, to a hearty humour, to a fearlessness in defending the Truth.

Is it a by-product of Vatican 2 that the Catholic press is always walking on egg-shells, wants to defend multi-faith initiatives and ecumenism?

Please let us have our Catholic press back! Please let us have Catholic writers not afraid to tell the Truth. Our Lord said 'the Truth will set you free,' only I feel I have had to read lies, half-truths and the output of mumblers and those so eager to apologise for being Catholics for most of my life.

When Pope Benedict visited the UK this year we felt a brief respite; though the Tablet lined up on the BBC to attack him for being too... erm... Catholic! This shows that with strong leadership, unapologetic for being Catholic, the Faithful will rise to defend their Faith, so long maligned and (to be frank) undefended.

Why must we always look back to GK Chesterton for inspiration? Where is today's GKC? Where is today's Catholic press?

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  1. The New Oxford Review and Catholic World Report are two periodicals which I think are very good, if not very depressing in with regard to the subjects.

    The nostalgia with the Chesterbelloc isn't such a bad thing; keeping them in high esteem does credit to their work and gives hope that more people will read some of their stuff. Although, I do wish we had more personalities like them. Modern Catholic figures ring a little much like Evangelicals or Charismatics, at least over here in the states.