Friday, 24 December 2010

Is Our English Catholic Leader letting Down the Troops?

An insult to God and man.
Certainly many Catholics in London feel so.

There has been a furore over the treatment of a Catholic school in London:

A Letter to Archbishop Nichols

Meanwhile the latest issue of Christian Order has a blistering editorial and article on the "Soho Masses" put on for homosexuals (running to some 50 pages all-in).

I don't know all the ins and outs of the Cardinal Vaughan School saga, but I have read quite a bit on the 'Soho Masses' and the fact that a practicing homosexual is a "Eucharistic Minister" (in and of itself a grave sin against Our Lord in the consecrated species in my humble opinion) is shameful in the extreme.

Archbishop Nichols has been informed of many of the scandals around the 'Soho Masses,' and has failed to act other than to call on Catholics not to be judgemental.

These Masses do not seek to reinforce Mother Church's line on homosexuality or call the sad souls mired in this sickness to a life of chastity.

Some of those who organise and attend boast of living active homosexual lives, and even of being "married" to their homosexual "partners."

Christian Order (CO) goes so far as to say that the Church in England & Wales is acting in opposition to the guidance on these matters given by the Vatican (certainly the Holy Father was crystal clear on relativism, atheism and immorality on his recent visit to Britain).

The journal asks why is it that the 'Extraordinary Form' of the Mass is not yet freely available to those who want it, against Vatican rules, whilst Masses that promote homosexuality as a 'valid choice' for Catholics are allowed?

If you get the chance, do read the November issue of CO, it makes for disturbing reading!

Am I alone in finding the following deeply disturbing. It includes nothing about homosexuals being celibate and gives the impression that active homosexuals are welcome to receive Communion (they are not according to Church rules!). The interviews herein smack of the double-speak and lack of clear Catholic leadership that CO says is an outrage against God and His Church:

Soho Masses

And here is a site that gives bidding prayers for "Civil Partnerships" at an official Soho Masses site:

Civil Partnerships

Note the images of icons of women and male Saints embracing.

Where are our Catholic leaders to condemn homosexuality and to help the homosexuals out of the horrid world of sin and hatred they dwell in?

All they have to do is obey and follow the Holy Father! Surely for Catholic Archbishops, Bishops, priests and laity, following the Pope can't be that difficult?

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