Friday, 3 December 2010

Look Whose On Our Tree: It's a Rotund GKC

There are so many lovely things about Christmas, Advent and the growing anticipation of the Feast Day we are all waiting for on the 25th of December!

Having children, the appearance of decorations usually begins on the 1st of December: the start of the month being a green light to all the excitement. This year some decorations even began appearing slightly earlier whilst I was in hospital (as if a conclave was held and the outcome was "Dad's not here, let's get busy way before time!").

Today I partook in an annual ceremony, now that the halflings have put up a Christmas tree.

Yes, GK Chesterton came out of the drawer where he has been ensconced since January 6th.

Now he is settled in, and this year he has been joined by a great set of Nativity decorations (Holy Family, animals, shepherds and wise men).

Putting GKC on the Christmas tree is a very exciting moment! And, without being disrespectful to one of, if not the, best Catholic writers and apologists, GKC's portly shape lends itself well to being a bauble.

What better way to ensure that Christmas is thoroughly Catholic and full of wit, wisdom and good cheer?

The GKC bauble was bought a few years back from the American Chesterton Society. I don't know if they still sell them.

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