Sunday, 23 January 2011

300 More Converts to Catholicism

The BBC is reporting that 300 Anglicans are converting to Catholicism.

According to their report, "300 members of six congregations" from "three parishes in Essex, and three in east London" will join the Ordinariate.

Quite frankly that is an incredible number, circa 50 per parish (I know... all those years sat in Maths classes finally paid off!).

I have to say, despite my hopes and fears regarding the Ordinariate, this is wonderful news.

It does show that a large number of people, even in that small area of east London and Essex, are sick to death of the creeping liberalism and its 'good intentions pathway to Hell' agenda.

The handful of nutters who call themselves Catholics who call for women priests, homosexual "weddings" and so on can see for themselves the damage their agenda does.

Thank God the Pope had the courage to move ahead with his plans for Anglican converts without endless conflabs with a man who pretends to be an Archbishop, otherwise these 300 souls (and the many others who will follow) would have been left in the wilderness.

Let us all pray for the fortitude of the converts, that may grow in the Catholic Faith. Their forefathers in the Church Triumphant will be overjoyed!

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