Friday, 28 January 2011

Famous Welsh Baddies #1: Katie Hopkins

This is going to be an occasional series, as with my 'Famous Welsh Catholics,' but in this instance to act as a national Mea Culpa to fellow Catholics and 'men of goodwill' across the UK and the world, for the actions of what I consider to be Welsh people who have had or are having a detrimental effect on the world.

After all, we all know that to be Welsh is a grace from God, but (Original Sin and all that) some of us have let the side down.

My first choice (as with my first Famous Welsh Catholic) isn't Welsh per se, but with a name like Hopkins she must have a Welsh connection along the way - and that's good enough for me!

Yes Katie Hopkins, famous following her appearance on The Apprentice.

Why has she stirred my righteous ire?

Well, she is one of those 'rent-a-gobs' who pops up with worrying frequency throughout the media, usually on BBC programmes, to present her views as those of the uber-Capitalist. You know the kind: the markets must dictate everything; you snooze you lose; survival of the fittest.

It's a kind of Darwinian, Nietzcheist, Thatcherite melting-pot of a worldview. Cuddly it ain't.

This sort of lady wears the trousers. She knows what she wants and it's world domination for businesses who have the strength and power to brush aside all opposition. It's all very testosterone-fuelled bully-boy business in the school of Gordon Gekko. It's The Apprentice writ large.

I am sure that Ms. Hopkins plays up her image as a bone-crusher (yes, I've cleaned that up) in order to become a rent-a-gob for the Beeb and others (the more controversial or absolute in outlook, the better in order to go toe-to-toe with another rent-a-gob of the 'opposite' persuasion), but by her own arguments, the banks should have been allowed to crash during the 'Credit Crunch' and so her own Business-Darwinian outlook is flawed in the extreme, because to her and those like her, the banks are the new gods of Mammon, the big power brokers with the billions who 'oil' the business world and allow businesses to plough money into expansion.

She doesn't see the debt bubble of the banks as a burden on "the people," she sees more banking, more debt, more uncontrolled growth as the answer. The world is afire and Ms Hopkins would readily pour on more petrol.

If your very gods should have fallen, but for the "bail out" by tax-payers (their private debt being taken on by the public), how can you keep your religion?

Not that this worries Katie Hopkins and her ilk. Like the scientists who overlook the "missing link" in their evolution-religion, they too ignore the elephant in the room and quickly revert back to their default position, viz that 'the market' must dictate all, and be free to dictate all (such aberrations as morality, the Common Good, the right to a decent wage and other fuddy-duddy Catholic principles being as popular to these people as a faecal deposit in a swimming pool).

As the poor get thrown into unemployment through no fault of their own, with whole families facing penury, Ms. Hopkins still kneels at the altar of Mammon. No doubt, to her, the newly unemployed need to "pull up their socks" and get on with things!

It's ironic isn't it? The mega-rich (and I mean the millionaires and billionaires) get bailed out by successive governments, whilst those being thrown out of jobs by the downturn the bankers created, receive no such largesse.

I can hear a strange noise emanating from Beaconsfield. Why 'tis Mr. G.K. Chesterton spinning in his grave.

From the 19th Century to the 21st Century, in so many ways, so very little has changed.

Let's spare a moment and offer up prayers for the families whose head has lost his job in the last few months. As much as I wish it were the case, I don't think Ms. Hopkins will be praying for the many thousands of them.

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