Sunday, 16 January 2011

Our Lady of Walsingham & Bl Cardinal Newman: England Converts

Many Anglicans feel abandoned by their own leaders
Well, England hasn't converted yet, but this is surely a sign recognised in Heaven that more Englishmen are reverting to the Faith of their fathers.

England is returning to Walsingham. Our Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary is reclaiming her dowry.

All is not rosy in the Church, but the conversion of souls must lift all our hearts (especially coming after decades when conversion seemed like a dirty word as a false ecumenism took root) and remind so many people in England (and the Celtic nations around it) that their home is in Rome.

As a first step, Damian Thompson's blog entry is a start, and he has links to many other good sources.

Let us hope that the new Ordinariate, under the direct guidance of Rome, leads more to seek conversion and for more Catholics (in England and elsewhere) to open their eyes and realise that if Christian unity is to be achieved, then it must be in the One, True Fold of the Catholic Church.

With more souls seeking conversion to Rome, in effect coming home after 450-odd years of wandering in the wilderness led in the most part by weaklings, hirelings and heretics, at least this must be an end to that false ecumenism that had some Catholics putting over the message that salvation could just as easily be found in the Anglican church.

There was only one Church established by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that Church has descended from His first choice as Pope, St Peter (with all his failings), to the Roman Catholic Church today with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI at its helm.

That simple Truth can, indeed, set you free.

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