Sunday, 16 January 2011

Welsh Shame as Homosexuals Target School Children

Homosexual lobbyists in Wales are targeting children in schools by promoting the idea that children, that may be going through emotional turmoil, trouble at home, hormonal imbalances, 'relationship issues' (e.g. being jilted) or 101 problems that teenagers face, and who think they are attracted to someone of the same sex should be "helped" by the same lobbyists and those with an agenda to embrace their "homosexuality."

According to the BBC:

Their new campaign 'It gets better ... Today' tackles homophobic bullying. 

They have swallowed the homosexual militants' li(n)e that it is about bullying. In reality it is about promoting homosexuality as a 'lifestyle' to impressionable schoolchildren, and in pushing those who may be emotionally, hormonally or mentally imbalanced - temporarily or otherwise - into a fully fledged homosexual mindset.

That all the political parties are supporting this nefarious campaign is scandalous in and of itself.

Where is the voice of reason, the voice of tradition, the voice of the family, to oppose this targeting of our children by militants whose ultimate aim is to recruit more children and lie to them that being "gay" is normal, as opposed to being a gross abnormality and an affront to nature and God.

When reading Fr Gabriele Amorth's book, An Exorcist Tells His Story, it struck me how much the sordid homosexual underworld is involved in Satanic possession. Surely that should tell Catholics all they need to know!


  1. I think every bishop should read An Exorcist Tells His Story when considering pastoral provisions for homosexuals. It might also be wise for them to read the first chapter from St Paul's letter to the Romans!

    Yes, the way those who govern us are pandering to the gay lobby is horrific. But, what's worse is when people with temptations of lust towards the same sex come to realise their need for God's love, and come to the Church for help, only for that same Church (at least here in the Diocese of Westminster) to send them back to pro-gay activists at the "Soho Masses"!

  2. I suppose that this 'literature' will also be freely available in so called Catholic schools as well? They are so PC it would not surprise me if they don't pioneer the scheme.

  3. The "Peace Mala" group promoted in the Menevia Diocese newspaper said that bullying re. sexuality was an issue. Their 'message' was promoted to a Catholic youth group.

  4. This nonsense about bullying on grounds of sexuality should be recognised for what it really is. Children can be unkind. In my day one might be insulted on the school playground as a "sissy". Nowadays, largely as a result of the promotion of homosexuality in the media, the term "gay" is preferred. Such insults are, naturally, never pleasant but the extent to which they represent anything more specific than the user's desire to wound is highly questionable.

  5. More than that, teenagers use the word "gay" now to mean pathetic, useless, weak, lame in the sense of ideas, people, culture etc. (e.g. "that new film is so gay" -- means the film was rubbish, avoid it). So the word 'gay' seems to have been reclaimed from the sodomites (by children who have grown up knowing nothing but a pro-Sodomite media)to mean something negative. I would guess the homosexual groups don't like this (they know all about terminology as they're sub-culture is full of it "cottaging," "cruising," etc.) and would rope this in with their attempts to promote sodomy to under-age children.