Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Athiest Religion and its Leaps of Faith

Atheism: from self-pride to mass murder
In a conversation this morning with "the missus" on atheism, prompted by some talking head on the radio, she made the sublime intervention:

How can atheists not believe in God?

Very straight and to the point dontcha know.

This got me thinking. And as I replied to " 'er indoors," it's not so much that they don't believe in God that's amazing (though it is, in and of itself, barmy), what's truly astounding is what they do believe in.

Let me cherry pick some of the most pertinent ones (as I can see you're busy!):

  • Evolution. Tell me how the atheist believes something as complex, intricate and awe-inspiring as the human eye (out of thousands of examples) "evolved" from a bit of mud. When they cannot find the "missing link" all these theories are nothing more than a Faith.
  • Conflict. Atheists always say that religion causes war. Before the reformation, England, France and 'Spain' were almost always at war. Nearer to home England invaded Wales, Scotland and Ireland. All these nations were Catholic. After the Reformation we are told that religion had a role in European wars. Northern Ireland is an example. But English involvement in Ireland pre-dates the Reformation. In Europe the Flemish want to be free of Belgium/the Francophile Walloons. Both peoples are Catholic. The huge battle between the Nazis and Soviets was a clash of two atheist ideologies. Very often atheists attach a religious label to wars that are political, national etc.
  • Death and misery. Extreme atheists state that religion brings misery or blind loyalty to evil or oppression (that we accept the wrong things in this world, because we are promised heaven). The Church does not of course (even if lukewarm or ignorant Catholics might) and has condemned the maltreatment of workers, espoused Social Teaching and condemned both atheistic Communism and the kind of individualist Capitalism that saw workers shoved into slums. Needless to add we can say that atheists have brought terror and mass murder ever since the French Revolution and in the 20th Century alone it was atheists that killed probably well over 100 Million people.
  • Abuse. The atheists key card in latter years is the paedophile abuse by priests. This is a genuine reason for Catholics to be ashamed. However, we must remember that this was an extremely small percentage of priests. Furthermore, the change in Church outlook meant that the very liberalism and homosexuality that the atheists want the Church to embrace has in-turn led to priests with those inclinations (once banned in the Church) being accepted in: and we have witnessed the terrible results. Furthermore, the atheists overlook all the awful abuse (mental, physical and sexual) that happens in atheist (e.g. local council run) care homes which has been pretty much endemic. The atheists also overlook the huge charitable bodies run by the Church and by individual Catholics too. Short of a relative handful of abusers, the vast majority of them homosexuals (whose rights the atheists support), the Church is an agency for charity, education and good in society.
  • Women's rights. Many atheists say the Church 'oppresses' women. Of course it isn't just Catholics (or "horrid men") who have problems with much of the feminist agenda and how it seeks to "divide and conquer" the sexes on behalf of militant atheist ideologies. How can a body that gives the Virgin Mary such an esteemed role be accused of being anti-women? The whole idea is preposterous! The key "wymmin's right" is of course abortion. They fail to see the irony that 50% of the killed babies are female! So the feminists promote the mass murder of girls as well as boys. Furthermore, all their excuses (often a mask to abort so people can afford a second car or their annual holiday) smack of the greed they claim to oppose. How can one claim to want to end poverty by killing the poor? One may as well claim to want to 'clean-up' London for the benefit of Londoners by dropping a nuke on the city.
There is much more of course, one thinks of the condom/homosexuality issue where the atheists have accused the Pope of being a "mass murderer" when the statistics show that Catholic countries that do not promote condoms have lower infection and death rates than those that do (abstinence and family life being 100% guarantees of safety - condemns fail regularly so spread both death and disease, especially as they promote promiscuity).

So, let us recount the leaps of faith atheists make in their daily discourse attacking our Faith:

Evolution. With no missing link or evidence.
Conflict. When wars were just as (or more!) common when all sides shared the same faith.
Death and misery. When atheism has caused many millions of deaths and untold hell-on-earth in the guise of Communism or Mammon.
Abuse. When atheist establishments are rife with it, and they promote the homosexuality that caused most of it in the Church.
Women's Rights. When atheists support the mass murder of baby girls.
Condoms. The church's teaching saves lives and prevents infection, it is the condomaniacs who kill millions.
Homosexuality. Of course its promotion has led to abuse of male minors, and the spread of AIDS, the homosexuals being perpetrators and victims of the death-cult.

The more I read on the sound, traditional teaching of the Church (as opposed to what heterodox Sister X or Father Y may preach in opposition to the Church), then the more I realise that the Church is the vehicle for Truth in all respects.

Of course the Church does not promise Heaven on earth, because it knows man's fallen nature makes that nigh on impossible.

The difference is that the Church works with man to make the best of a bad situation, in all ages, as empires, kingdoms and states come and go, having the same Truths yesterday, today and tomorrow as its foundations in all matters. Whereas the atheists sole unifying factor is hatred of Christianity, the Church, and more precisely the Roman Catholic Faith, Church and Magesterium.

The Church fights in all spheres to make the best of bad situations because of man's fallen nature; the atheists on the other hand mock the Church for offering paradise after death, as if that negates all the good work they do to make society, systems and so on better and more conformed to Christianity.

The atheists meanwhile offer heaven-on-earth, whilst all too often merely delivering hell on earth, or at the very best slavery to banks and demagogues.

You don't believe me? The millions of victims of atheistic aggression in the 20th Century scream otherwise, as would the little baby girl (if she still had her voice) pulled apart, burnt and sacrificed on the altar of Mammon in an abortion "clinic"in the last minute- pick the the time and place of the murder at your convenience.

I think it's time Catholics took the "battle" to the enemies of the Church, for they offer nothing but slavery, debauchery, and murder; no matter how "intelligent" and "charming" they make their message appear in this media age.

A land without the Grace of God quickly moves to evil (whether post-Reformation England with its dark Satanic mills, enclosed land and slum housing, or post-Revolution Russia with its collectivism and gulags).

The presence of Christ's Church and the Sacraments (especially the Blessed Sacrament) protects lands from the worst excesses of man's greed and base nature, for as long as the Faith of the people stays strong enough to protect the Church and her Sacraments.

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