Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Coming to Mass? Bring your Tambourine and copy of Socialist Worker

Please. Please dear God! Have mercy on us.

What is this? A roller-rink? A social workers' conference? An exhibition on whirling dervishes?

Where is Our Lord? Where is the deference to the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord in His Tabernacle? Where is the Tabernacle?

Who is the social worker condemning sexism, who talks over the priest as he declares Ite Missa est (I wish)?

I am scandalised by this! I do not wish to be presumptious, but the Holy Father must surely act to close down these monstrosities pretending to be Masses?

Are these the scandalous Masses the kind that gave rise to heresy, pride and division before Luther took advantage of them to promote his dreadful ideas, on the back of some geuine grievances?

If we do not act as the Church acted to codify the Mass at the Council of Trent, to stop the liturgical abuses (one cannot help but think of the Soho Masses) and other scandalous actions/inactions of Bishops and priests (albeit, as ever, a minority) then it is the Church itself that is damaged, and souls that are lost by falling away from Holy Mother Church.

Is this "Mass" really what the Saints and Martyrs lived and died for?


  1. I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry! What on earth was that - it most certainly wasn't the Mass for which our martyrs shed their blood!

    It's quite telling that most of the congregation was elderly - all the young Catholics were either put off Mass by this bizarre ego-trip or had found themselves a proper Catholic Church, with a traditional Mass!

    I think I better offer a part of my fast and penance during Lent for the salvation of these poor souls.