Friday, 4 February 2011

The Homosexual Militant Who Organises Eucharistic MInisters

As if the whole Eucharistic Ministers debate weren't bad enough, one of my favourite blogs, A Reluctant Sinner has published a devastating account of attempts by homosexual militants to canonise a Ugandan homosexual activist who was murdered, without bothering to check the facts, because it now seems he was murdered by a fellow homosexual whom he refused to pay for his "favours."

One man responsible (read the blog post linked to above Mr Lazy!) for this instant canonisation of a homosexual militant engaging in sodomy, is also responsible for organising the Eucharistic Ministers at the infamous homosexual 'Soho Masses' in the Westminster Archdiocese.

Do you think a homosexual militant, with an extremist agenda, who publishes a blog entitled Queering the Church, will pick fellow homosexuals to be Eucharistic Ministers or not?

Yet more evidence that the idea of Eucharistic Ministers is open to abuse.

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