Friday, 25 February 2011

Is Iain Duncan Smith the Best Example of a Catholic Politician?

Is Iain Duncan Smith the archetypal Catholic politician?

He is pro-life, pro-family (typically "right wing") yet very sincere in his belief that social justice is a good thing and the effects of poverty need tackling (typically "left wing").

I have long found right-wing MPs to be pro-banks and don't care about communities, etc. whereas left-wing MPs seem to be screamingly pro-homosexual, pro-abortion etc.

What is a Catholic to do?

I would like the input of you, patient peruser of my humble blog.

What other politicians fit the Catholic mould? Ann Widdecombe? What about from the "left wing" side? Are there any genuine pro-life Labour MPs?

A Catholic Interview with Iain Duncan Smith


  1. That is a very hard question. None of the parties display qualities that could be described as aligned with Catholic teaching. I have a two edged answer. Firstly, if a local candidate appears sound and shows accord with issues such as anti abortion and euthanasia - vote for his or her party.
    The second option is to weigh up which party, on balance, is the least distanced from the Catholic viewpointand vote for them.
    Neither option is perfect.

  2. Im Plaid's token English royalist so dont know! you know any two politicans is a co-alition.

  3. I once asked Theresa May if she was pro-life as she campaigned up an English High Street. As I was a young (ah sweet memories!) probably unshaven chap not from the posh end of town, she possibly was worried I was an anarchist or similar, but she in all fairness answered immediately that she was pro-life, so I informed her she would get my vote. I just wonder if Catholics need to cast their net further afield. Is being Pro-Life "enough."

    On Plaid I spoke to Helen Mary Jones in Carmarthen and asked why Plaid was so pro-EU when that structure was totally undemocratic and I got bluster and bilge to the effect that they weren't really pro-EU. I told her she wouldn't get my vote.

    I think a straight answer speaks volumes, as does obfuscation.

  4. The trouble is Gareth, that pro or anti life is the main sounding board. If you cast your net further afield just what issues are more important than the one of life?