Monday, 14 February 2011

Medjugorje: The Church Says IT IS NOT MARY

So many times I have heard well-meaning Catholics talk about Medjugorje in the most glowing terms. Many have been and/or will go there on pilgrimage.

Many priests praise Medjugorje, allow it to be promoted in newsletters or on parish notice boards.

As such I was interested to read an article on the Catholic Herald website, by Francis Phillips, which contained the following gem:

what I think as a private person, or what the late pope wrote in a private letter to two friends who had sent him literature about Medjugorje, or indeed what the saintly Mother Teresa is said to have said, is neither here nor there; it is what the Church thinks that matters. What the Church thinks about alleged apparitions is left to the local Ordinary to investigate and pronounce.
Four years after the Lourdes apparitions of 1858, and after a lengthy investigation, the local bishop pronounced them authentic. In the case of Medjugorje, both Bishop Zanic of Mostar and his successor, Bishop Peric, fully investigated the phenomenon and decided that nothing supernatural was taking place.

(emphasis mine).

The Church having pronounced what some friends have labelled MegaForgery as "nothing supernatural" is damning in the extreme.

The best course of action for Catholics (lay and religious) is to leave the site and the seers especially, well alone.

Again, to quote from the article, a Canadian priest says:

“The Devil doesn’t mind a few thousand people becoming better Catholics after going there if, as a result, he’s got millions of Catholics being disobedient to the authority of the Church.”


  1. Good post Gareth. Medjugorje has been very divisive in the locality (let alone between those who believe and those who do not). I am happy to be totally ambivalent towards it until the Church pronounces.


  3. Some will not stop believing in Medjugorje until a Pope personally comes and tells them it is not authentic.

    The same is true for a "visionary" we have locally. The local bishop has said they are to stop promoting the apparitions and yet a local Catholic bookstore still sells the books.

  4. Excellent post as always Gareth.
    I am very sceptical about Medjugorje, The Fransiscans, the visionaries and the 'other' Orders who have settled there against the wishes of the local Ordinary.
    I feel sadness for the Bishop of Mostar who struggles against all odds in a very difficult situation. Sometimes I think that poor man is fighting a battle with the Devil single handed.

    That man has my respect and my prayers.

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  6. "Non Constat de Supernaturalitater"

    They can argue as much as they like but this is the official position of The Church on this very controversial place.