Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Film out Soon: The Rite, Starring Anthony Hopkins

An interesting new film is out late February (it's already out in America).

This film looks like a must for Catholics aged 15 and over.

I had to put these trailers up after reading an interview with the priest (Fr G Thomas - sounds Welsh!) on the sublime Linen on the Hedgerow blog. The link with the Vatican exorcist Fr. Amorth means a solid Catholicism is assured in these matters and when Fr Thomas says the film is in all essentials true to his book, which is factual, then we can look forward to an interesting film (perhaps in the vein of The Exorcism of Emily Rose).

P.S. Anthony Hopkins: now he is Welsh! ;-)


  1. Gareth, what is it about Port Talbot that it should have produced Anthony Hopkins, Stanley Baker, Richard Burton and several more famous actors.
    Is it something in the water?

  2. Michael Sheen is another - and Catherine Jenkins is from just up the road too.

    It's not as bad now - but going through there in the 70s was like going through Hell. The stench of the sulphur, the yellowing sky, with flames dotted around. Yuch.

    I always wondered, as a child sat in the back of the car on the elevated M4, how people who lived there put up with it!

    Other than that, I think the Welsh are just naturally talented ;-)

    Add a bit of Irish and you have the perfect combination.

    Now I need the confessional. ;-)

  3. Ah, what it is to be young. I recall travelling on the night sleeper from Paddington to Fishguard in the 50s and waking up knowing that you had reached Port Talbot!

  4. Wow - and there's me thinking your youth was pre-Industrial ;-)