Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pope's Visit Generated at Least £14m More than it Cost Taxpayers

 The Pope Arrives in Scotland
A Reluctant Sinner has pulled together various sources to prove that not only did the National Secular Society get it woefully wrong when it said the Pope's visit would cost the taxpayer £100 Million (as it actually cost circa £6.9 Million), but that even without the figures for London (so in truth it would be much higher), the visit generated £20.75 for the UK economy.

Might we expect an apology for the (let's be charitable) terrible miscalculations and hysteria whipped up by them against the Pope's visit.

Will they now congratulate the Church and the Holy Father for generating more money for the UK economy than the visit actually cost the taxpayer?

The next time a Pope visits can we expect the secularist lobby and organised atheists to welcome the Holy Father for the economic boost he undoubtedly brings to our hard-pressed economy?

Or will the rationalists be irrational and the liberals be illiberal (again)?


  1. Hi! Have you seen our proposal for a Holy Year for Nuns?


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  2. Unfortunately though the English hierarchy didn't see the Pope visiting Wales as being something worth fighting for...

    I hate this whole traditionalist versus liberal thing. Somehow, I don't think Christ has much time for it either.