Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Famous Welsh Catholic #2: Alice Thomas Ellis

I am grateful, once again, to Linen on the Hedgerow for a most interesting post.

If you don't already follow LotH blog, you should do. It is one of my favourites, serious yet amusing; direct yet whimsical; bitingly Orthodox yet warm and welcoming. It is Chestertonian in every regard.

Now I've earned my £5 ;-), onto the matter at hand.

I did not know of Alice Thomas Ellis, but her treatment seems all too familiar: i.e. a genuine Catholic, seeking to defend Catholicism, ostracised for daring to speak out.

Her book has a forward by Richard Ingrams, so I simply must get a copy! What a title. Relativism and Modernism skewered in four words. Succinct and to the point. I love it. I am salivating (in a very Lenten, controlled way) at the prospect of getting my paws on a copy.


  1. The casual, but no less nasty for that anti-semitism of "Coen (good Irish name)" found in the post you refer to is quite shocking, and rather frightening.

  2. Oh two pints of Rev James at the very least!

  3. Anon: please give your name as this smells of needless sniping. if you have an issue take it up with the author of the piece. I had no idea Coen was a Jewish name: perhaps you have hang-ups on these issues?

  4. My name is Dafydd. I have no hang-ups, just a genuine dislike of such comments. If you wish me to stop commenting, then I will. I can't see what's wrong with honest debate, however.

  5. Then ask the author I'm sure he'll be delighted to hear from you. There is no "debate" because unlike you I do not have a list of Jewish names to check against. However as he is/was the editor of a Catholic newspaper I assume that either: 1. He is not Jewish, or 2. He is a convert to Catholicism. I would think it bizarre that someone who doesn't "believe" in Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary etc. could be the editor of a Catholic journal; anymore than a Catholic could be the editor of a Lutheran journal.

  6. I am with you here Gareth. I was also unaware that Coen is a Jewish name. Cohen-that I believe comes from Bat-Kohen and is mentioned in the Torah-I am familiar with.

    I must add that I enjoy visiting this blog. Yes, because I'm Welsh, goes without saying. Moreover, it's a couteous place where like mined Catholics can debate the current issues. Following our Webmaster's fine example by doing it with good grace and respecting each others views, whether we agree with them or not.

  7. Apologies, Gareth, I have answered Mr John's concerns in the commbox on my blog, relating to the post.