Saturday, 26 March 2011

God's Creation is Sublime and Beautiful - and Cheesy!

There is much debate about the creation of the universe. The atheists talk-up the big bang theory as if it were fact (hint: a theory is a theory). Part of this is the theory of evolution (again a theory).

These days, from the BBC to the classroom, these theories are promoted and pushed as established facts, not theories. Anyone who thinks otherwise is painted as a backwoodsman or a nutty extremist (professors, scientists and others who do not follow the money are airbrushed out of the equation, of course).

The Human Eye
To me it is a matter of faith. We can choose between two religions. Each involve leaps of faith. Both entail belief in something that cannot, in and of itself, be proven (though I would argue, of course, that the evidence of God is all around us, and of His Son Jesus Christ is well documented). Yet there is no doubt that the evolution religion is in the ascendancy.

Personally I have always thought that the human eye proves creation. It proves the hand of a sentient being, creating things of such sublime beauty, such individuality, and such intricate complexity - that there is no way it could have happened by happy chance, with lightning hitting a lump of mud x billions of years ago. Everything about the human eye screams that is was made, designed and perfected by God.

I wasn't feeling very well this afternoon, a bit tired and sick, so early evening I thought I'll have a little pick-me-up (I happen to have a dispensation from fasting) and when I went to the kitchen I saw a sight which made my heart leap for joy. There, sat on the side was some Italian cheese, but not just any Italian cheese, it was Parmigiano Reggiano. I cut off a small piece (part of its beauty is you only need a small piece, such is its maturity and taste), and nibbled on it. Oh the wonderful taste of that cheese! Not even Caerphilly cheese comes close.

And I got to wonder at the beauty of God's creation.

A Sign From the Good Cheese's region
Sometimes we search for perfect examples of God and his creation. Sure we have intricate examples such as the human eye, and for us Catholics we have the sublime wonder that is transubstantiation and the miracle of the Real Presence -- though I fully admit that the latter is difficult for non-Catholics to grasp.

Sometimes I think that the beauty of more "ordinary" things can reflect the beauty of creation and the Creator. It can sound 'schmaltzy' I know, but a leaf on a tree, a bumble bee in flight, a catfish in a rockpool, sometimes these can stir the soul. And do you know what? When I tasted that Parmigiano Reggiano today, when its flavour burst in my mouth, I thanked God. That fullness of flavour, that glorious texture. What a gift from God's bounty!

I have a mug, which I use every day for my many cups of tea (much to my good lady's chagrin, for she likes her tea in far daintier receptacles) which bears the legend:

"Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine. 

Though the quote continues:

At least I’ve always found it so.
Benedicamus Domino!"

It also has the image of Hilaire Belloc, the Catholic writer, journalist, MP, social commentator and defender of the Common Good and the Faith, from whom the quote comes. It hardly seems fair to drink such an abstentious drink as tea in a vessel bearing such a quote, though at Lent it does seems more apt.

God created this world and all that's in it, of that I am sure. There is so much of beauty in it,so much for which to thank our Creator. And so it is that I can see Almighty God reflected in a small nugget of Italian cheese.

So, with huge apologies to Hilaire Belloc, may his soul rest in peace, here goes:

God's Creation can stun and please,
'Tis mirrored in fine Italian cheese.
At least I’ve always found it so. 
Benedicamus Domino!

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