Sunday, 6 March 2011

I Hope my Fellow Welshmen can Forgive me!

I speak of course of the Welshmen of Cornwall.

The Cornish were known as the South or West Welshmen.

As Wikipedia says:

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles states that in 825 (adjusted date) a battle was fought involving the "Welsh", presumably those of Cornwall, and the Defnas (men of Devon). It only states:- "The Westwealas (Cornish) and the Defnas (men of Devon) fought at Gafulforda".

Westwealas clearly translates into old Saxon as West Welsh, meaning "West Romans/Foreignors."

There are, even today, many similarities between the Welsh and Cornish languages (numbers 1 to 10 are almost identicle).

So why am I apologising to the Cornish "Welshmen?"

Well, it was their patron Saint's day yesterday and, with one thing and another, I clean forgot to post greetings.

Mea Culpa.

So, belatedly - I'd like to wish all Cornishmen in Kernow and further afield:

Dydh Sen Pyran lowen

Happy St Piran's Day.



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