Sunday, 6 March 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti: When is a Catholic NOT a Catholic?

Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan's minority affairs minister who was shot yesterday by Islamic militant was (is) a Catholic.

We might surmise that he is a martyr, though the distinction is for Holy Mother Church to decide.

One thing that shocked me isn't that Catholics get such a bad deal in Pakistan, for that is well known.

No, what surprised me is that the British media denied his Catholicism. On numerous reports it said he was a "Christian" but no mention was made of his being a member of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Rome.

Is it too much to put Catholics in a good light?

Is it too much to show Catholics as the victims (even martyrs)?

Is it too much to show Catholics standing up for decency?

If this man had abusive tendencies, if he had robbed a bank, if he had committed a terrorist attack, you can be sure the BBC and the organised atheists would be screeching his Catholicism from the rooftops.

Yet a man was murdered for seeking the end of a law used to murder Catholics on made-up evidence, and his Catholicism is not newsworthy?

Is Catholicism (outside of a Papal visit) only newsworthy when it can be used to attack the Church and the Papacy?

It would seem so.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Shahbaz Bhatti.

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  1. Good post, I certainly did not realise he was a Catholic. He has won his martyr's crown.