Friday, 29 April 2011

Great Idea for the Feast Day of St Catherine of Siena

St Catherine's sarcophagus in Rome
The Anglican vicar-boss of London, Richard Chartres (ironically bearing the name of the great Catholic Cathedral and place of Pilgrimage), made reference to St Catherine of Siena, in his homily at the Royal Wedding earlier today.

It always makes me smile that the Anglican church acknowledges Catholic Saints. Even St Thomas More -- the (great, lay) Catholic Saint most opposed to the schism of Anglicanism is acknowledged as a Saint by the church he opposed at its very foundation by Henry VIII (not Christ as was the Catholic Church!).

The Anglican church, with its invalid orders, has no Saints of its own. All within in it of any real value (Churches, Sacraments, Icons, Abbeys etc.) are pale remnants of what was once Catholic (like the post-60s "roller disco" Catholic "Churches" are pale remnants of the beautiful, ornate, Catholic Churches raised-up before Vatican 2).

I've got a great idea!

Why doesn't the Catholic Church go back to the beauty, sanctity and surety of the pre-V2 days - and all the Anglicans convert?


Next problem please!


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