Saturday, 16 April 2011

In Your Face: the Sickness that Epitomises Secular-Modernism

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Nothing more "exciting" than being busy with work and the family.

Thanks to 'Priest's Housekeeper' for her concern - but all is well.

I guess everyone out in the Catholic Blogosphere knows of the furore surrounding the two "snogging" homosexuals being asked to leave a pub.

As my missus said, if they were normal folks, they would acquiesce and apologise. Why do militant homosexuals seem to think that they have the "right" to do whatever they do -- to use the modern term -- "in your face?"

Catholics, peace campaigners, countryside campaigners, pro-lifers, socialists -- almost anyone and everyone can have public marches, demos etc. and do so in a well maintained, orderly way. Why is it that when homosexuals have their "pride" rallies, passers-by have to endure the site of grown men with their backsides hanging out, profane language, blasphemy and more? Homosexuals rarely seem capable of being measured, well-reasoned and orderly.

Everything is their "right," yet nothing is their responsibility. Is homosexuality therefore the ultimate symbol of modernism, surpassing even modern art; is it the epitome of and the sickness of the modern world?

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  1. Great minds and all that - you were ahead of me by 25 minutes Gareth...story of my life!