Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Passion - BBC's Web-Page

The Blessed Virgin Mary had much to suffer.
I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to see this page on the BBC.

Aside from some early typically cowardly BBC get-out-clauses ("many" historians acknowledge Jesus lived - not most or virtually all... but "many"), it goes on to detail much of interest in regards to the Passion of Our Lord.

I found the audio piece on the plants of the Bible particularly interesting, and the experience and evaluation of Saints is included. Of course the bete noir of the media re. Good Friday (anti-Semitism) has its own sub-section, with some pretty wide intepretations of Scripture which absolves the Jewish authorities of all but slight involvement, whilst stating that Good Friday has made Catholics murderers down the centuries (talk of using a wide brush - are Catholics the 'softer' target?).

I'm not saying all the content is "bang on" (eg. thought-for-the-days audios) but a lot of the written content pleasantly surprised me.

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