Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding: What do Catholics Think?

Peter Phillips married Autumn Kelly
There's something happening tomorrow. It's been on the news. Some people seem excited, others less than impressed.

My invite hasn't turned up, so I'll watch it on TV.

But what to think about the whole thing? I suppose as a concept, you can't get much more Catholic an ideal as monarchy (what is God if not a monarch?). After all we all swear loyalty to Christ the King.

Yet I have met Catholics who are republicans (particularly, but not exclusively, those in or from Ireland) and others who are out and out monarchists.

"Our" monarchy is not Catholic, in fact you have to renounce your Catholicism if you 'marry in' to the Royal family as Catholics cannot be in-line to the throne: it is barred by law. The British Monarch is, ipso facto, the head of the Church of England, the established church, the Anglican church.

When Autumn Kelly (a Canadian national) married the Queen's eldest grandson Peter Phillips (11th in line to the throne) she had to renounce her Catholicism.

With more Anglicans converting to the Catholic Church, and talk of the law being changed so that eldest daughters can become Queen and Catholics be allowed to be heirs to the throne, might we say that the Royal family are Catholics-in-waiting; or should we think that a monarchy that has signed off the laws on abortion and homosexuality are all but lost?

As a Welsh Catholic I must admit that I find little resonance with what is essentially an English monarchy (apologies to Scots) and furthermore one that is all-but German because the establishment were so keen to enthrone Protestants and shut out anyone with a link to Catholicism.

Now before blog readers get irate (what? anger on the internet?) this has nothing to do with the sanctity of marriage, nor the happiness of the couple themselves, just the celebration of a Royal wedding.

I would be genuinely interested to know how Catholics feel about the monarchy per se.

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