Friday, 1 April 2011

Shame of Wales: Morning After Pill Decision a DISASTER

Nihilism and blasphemy supreme: life is assaulted at every turn
I don't know which facet of me is most upset, disgusted, angry and forlorn: as a Catholic, a father and a Welshman I am gobsmacked by the decision of "our" leaders in Wales to allow an abortifacient drug to be dished out free over the counter.

No doubt others, Welsh, Catholic and medical, will rip this decision apart in a methodological and professional way. As a "bod in the pews" all I can say is that this is an utter betrayal of Welsh youth; the Welsh youth who take the damned drug, and the Welsh youth killed by it.

Furthermore, there is no doubt at all that the availability of this drug (the usage of which on an ongoing basis will no doubt come back to haunt certain "users") will, definitely and absolutely, increase random, semi-anonymous, casual, meaningless sex with all the personal, communal and societal problems it entails.

Furthermore, can you imagine the nightclub-generation who "enjoy" a different "partner" (dear God I loathe that term with every bone in my body), getting to grips with this free-for-all? Who amongst this generation of pagans (pillaging their way through the ranks of the opposite sex) won't succumb to the temptation of casual sex with the promise of "you can grab a pill in the morning?"

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), casual sex, the abusive use of sex -- all this will continue, and the liberal idiots who have opened up another avenue to Hell will look on in disbelief (apart from the Satanic few who will celebrate).

Furthermore, let me tell you something. Abortions and teenage pregnancies will continue at their current high rate (or even grow). How so? Well, the generation who think Eastenders is a drama-documentary, who think gangster rap is something to aspire to, or who think Saturday night means guaranteed casual sex, will continue to sleep around. A busy week, a hangover, etc. etc. and bingo: more abortion and more teenage single mums.

Of course we can overlook two important aspects of this:
  • The morning after pill does induce an abortion - so the number of abortions is bound to sky rocket.
  • Teenage single-mums are often a societal "choice" to get a home, a guaranteed income.
Anyone who says otherwise is a fool or a liar. The Morning After pill is an abortifacient. It induces an abortion. Some may say it doesn't matter because the baby is a day or two old, but a life is a life. Is the murder of a 95 year old more acceptable because he's losing his marbles (oops - that is more acceptable to some liberals - how illiberal!).

As for teenage mums -- I knew one when I was in school who put "father unknown" on the birth certificate (both she and I knew the father - in my year) so she could get a house, cash hand-outs etc. etc. This has been going on for decades, and again liberals will close their eyes to it because they cannot accept their system is abused by people and actually increases the number of teenage mothers who are then housed (with all the attendant costs) by the tax-payer.

As usual the path to Hell is paved with good intentions, though I do wonder if this screaming liberalism is well intentioned at all, and not just an excuse to procure more casual sex for the hedonistic generation that will always try and blame someone else, something else, in fact anything else rather than hold themselves responsible for their own actions or inaction.

Please pray for Wales and the Welsh people, especially the youngsters embroiled in meaningless casual sexual encounters and the Welsh children aborted as a result.

Heaven forbid that we should ever have a generation of politicians or health professionals who take the bull by the horns and call for an end to casual sex and all the disease, drugs, violence, abuse and death associated with it! They don't do common sense, or self-restraint.

BBC Report - Morning After Pill Free in Chemists
John Smeaton of SPUC 

P.S. In case some accuse me of hyperbole in regards to the 'casual sex' generation, as with the case of single mother "choice," I have also known many of these people, especially via the workplace. In many of these I would often hear my workmates planning their weekends or discussing previous ones. It could be most disturbing (and sad), and I wasn't brought up in the posh-end of town.


  1. If they bishops fail to speak out against this then they will have failed a whole generation of unborn children.

  2. A sad day for Wales. Good strong arguments there Gareth, one of your finest posts.

  3. Thank you for this and God bless.

    Catholic Student - Could we pray that the Bishops will speak out, loud and clear?