Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cristiada: Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria in a Film About the Catholic Mexican Cristeros

Andy Garcia in Cristiada
Like the Passion of the Christ, I hope this film will show the true heroism of the Faith and the evil, twisted hate of our demonic-influenced enemies, from those Pharisees who caused the crowd to shout "Free Barabbas" to the Masonic movements today who seek to shut down the Catholic Church or limit its influence via "human rights" legislation "hate laws" and similar.

The more times change, the more they remain the same.

Today,we do not see churches barricaded, priests banned from wearing clerical garb outside churches, armies turned against the Faithful. No.

But the Masonic war against God and His Holy Catholic Church goes on.

Priests have been bamboozled into 'choosing' not to wear clerical garb and so we see "Father Richard" shopping in Tescos in his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts (and sandals, of course). Today we see the Mass of All Time banned purely because Catholics have to jump through hoops to get to it and most Diocese officials ensure it is not freely available (despite the reported wishes of the Pope). And the armies? Well we see armies of lawyers and politicians using Masonic-EU laws to shut down Catholic adoption agencies. How long before Catholic schools are forced to teach anti-Catholic lessons (condoms, evolution, homosexuality)? Oh wait. They (or some) are already.

No we don't have recusants, apart from those who have to seek out semi-secret Latin Masses. No we don't have priest-hunters, apart from the lawyers who look for any chink of sound Catholic social and moral teaching outside of the weekly homily. We don't have Churches bulldozed -- because the 1970s saw that and now we have so many churches that look like roller-discos.

The Mexican Masonic government fought against our Faith, and the Cristeros rose up in heroic counter-revolution.

The powers-that-be have learnt the lessons. You can destroy a Faith through insidious means far more effectively than by open warfare. The click of a TV on-button is to be feared more than a click of a gun. Today's Catholics just "go with the flow" and so the Masons have (seemingly, temporarily) won.

Oh for heroism. Oh for Martyrs. Oh for the Rights of Christ the King!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Bl Miguel Pro and Emiliano Zapata

This is the banner carried by Miguel Hidalgo and his anti-Spanish insurgent army circa 1810.

Now my knowledge of Mexican politics is minimal at best. Less than that really. I know (?) the early anti-Spanish, Mexican regimes were Masonic. The Mexican rebels against the Masons were the Cristeros. My understanding is that these were heroic forces (Blessed Miguel Pro? was in their number) but were told to lay down their arms by Rome.

That's as good as it gets for me really. You could fire peas through the holes in my knowledge of Mexico.

One item I found most interesting was that the (1914) rebels led by Villa and Zapata carried banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe (see above video). Yet today the Socialists and Communists seem to use Zapata as a war cry, so were these Catholic Peasants fighting a Masonic regime, or early Communist-led peasants conned into a Red revolution by the guile of wicked leaders?

Given the Zapata revolt led to the government which enacted the Masonic anti-Catholic laws (which are still on the law books of Mexico) it seems strange to have Zapata rebels carrying the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

If anyone out there can put me right and give me a basic intro to Mexican history and politics I'd be mightily obliged. I did just find this Wikipedia entry on the Cristeros which answers some of my questions, but other input gratefully accepted (especially as Wikipedia cannot always be taken at face value).

In closing, we all see the images (in the media) of Mexico as a violent place, where drug cartels use machine guns etc. In my opinion this is often used (especially in America) to decry Catholicism, viz "look, Mexicans are almost 100% Catholic and the country is a cess pit of violence, drugs, crime and corruption." are the problems in mexico due to the Masonic regime there? American politics - the war on drugs and the huge American drugs markets? Or the Mexicans as a people?

Link: Wikipedia on Our Lady of Guadalupe.

P.S. It seems a film about the Cristeros is due out this year....

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Abortion on Newsnight

What it's all about - abortion at 8 weeks
Just watching last night's Newsnight on BBC iplayer -- and I cannot believe the chutzpah of the BPAS "spokeswoman".

BPAS are as biased and as pro-abortion as you can get, yet she decries LIFE having any role in debating healthcare, abortion provision etc.

BPAS advise women on abortion, then provide many of those abortions. Isn't that what used to be called conflict of interest? No wonder abortion numbers grow year on year.

As an aside you would think militant feminists would want more women to say "no" when pressurised by men to have sex, especially (but not exclusively) at an early age.

BPAS and others have had centre stage in government policy for far too long - and just giving up one seat on a panel of 10 has them worried. Tough!

btw - this is also one reason why Tony Blair should never have been allowed to receive Communion. It was under his government that BPAS and others advised the NHS on abortion provision. Blair must have known this (he certainly took a hands on role in pushing through laws promoting homosexuality). It is still canon law that a public sinner cannot receive Communion.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Catholics: Defend Your King

I came across this great picture on the Being is Good blog.

This summarises Catholicism for me - and what we, as "pew Catholics" should be about: defending our Faith, educating the ignorant about the beauty of our dogmas, and the surety and safety they give in a chaotic, amoral, lawless world.

When our media tells us the "Choice" is king, on all matters from killing one's child to what religion we should follow, it is vital that Catholics should defend the Truth. Our King, Christ the High Priest, Christ the Sacrificial Lamb, is being assaulted. Catholics: Defend your King!

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Pope Wishes EVERY PARISH to have the Latin Mass

On June 17th 2008 The Times reported:

Pope Benedict XVI wants every parish in the West to offer believers the Mass in the Tridentine or Gregorian Rite, the Latin-language liturgy used until the 1960s by every Catholic church in the world. 

Three years on and the availability of the Latin Mass across Wales is pitiful! As I understand it the same picture is true in most dioceses, with some better than others - but nowehere coming closed to "every parish" especially for Sunday Mass.

Why are the Pope's wishes being ignored? Why is this wonderful Liturgical treasury of Heaven's Graces being denied to the Faithful? Why are the Faithful being treated like obstinate children when many of us simply want to do what the Holy Father wants, for the benefit of the Church, the faithful, our priests and our parishes?

The Pope wishes every parish to offer both rites for Sunday Mass, an eminent Vatican Cardinal announced in London on Saturday. Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, President of the Ecclesia Dei Commission, said: “The Holy Father is willing to offer to all the people this possibility, not only for the few groups who demand it but so that everybody knows this way of celebrating the Eucharist in the Catholic Church.”
It was a “gift” and a “treasure,” Castrillon Hoyos said, hours before celebrating a Tridentine liturgy attended by some 1,500 worshippers at Westminster Cathedral on June 14. “This kind of worship is so noble, so beautiful – the deepest theologians’ way to express our faith. The worship, the music, the architecture, the painting, makes a whole that is a treasure.” 

Amen to that.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Catholic Politician - Stephen Pound

I recently write of the example of Iain Duncan Smith being a great Catholic politician, especially in his work for the poor (not always a given in Tory circles).

It seems another Catholic politician is Stephen Pound, who recently donated funds to help a group of young Catholics make a pilgrimage (read story on Catholic With Attitude blog) to Madrid.

How pleasant to read of a politician helping a Catholic good cause. I know I always seem to be moaning about the state of the Church and suchlike, so never let it be said I don't give credit where it is due.

I Want to Go to Penrhyn for My Hols

No, not Penrhyn in Wales, but Penrhyn in the Cook Islands!

The name comes from the Pennant family who were given the Barony of Penrhyn. The Pennants were heavily involved in slavery and a ship that went to the Cook Islands was the Lady Penrhyn.

Not an auspicious history - especially as slavers took so many islanders from Penrhyn over the years.

Isn't history horrible some times?

The link may well be tenuous (the Pennants being English aristocracy, with titles from Ireland, huge estates in Wales and Jamaica), but has that ever stopped me before? ;-)

A quarter of the (circa 200) Penrhyn islanders are Catholic. I rest my case.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Doctrine, Education, Creation and Salvation

A fellow Catholic was telling me of how he overheard another Catholic loudly dismissing Creation in that all so modern "as if" way, that dismisses Creation in the wave of a hand and brings in evolution as the fact-of-the-matter 'so obvious' historical fact that we should all just wake up and accept.

I had all but forgotten about this tale when this week I was flicking through a book lent to me by a kind soul. Archbishop Sheehan's Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine is quite a tome, but what a treasure trove! I have already learnt so much from it and reminded myself of facts I'd forgotten from way back when. Heaven and Hell, Angels, Purgatory, Indulgences - and much more besides. There was also a great section on 'Sola Scriptura' which I'd spoken to fellow parishioners about just the other week - how the Bible itself (in the Gospels and St Paul's letters) proves the argument against Sola Scriptura and thus undermines the Protestants own arguments! Plus as our parish priest keeps reminding us: who put the Bible together - but the Catholic Church herself!

Anyhow, just last night I was flicking through the book (a great way to see what catches your eye and what you'll delve into for a 10 minute read) and I noticed a section on evolution. Being in a rush I cherry picked a few points. My plan is to return to it tonight, having bookmarked the section, and read it in-depth.

What I found interesting is that Archbishop Sheehan makes it clear that not only is Evolution a theory, as such it is an UNPROVEN theory.

So why is it taught as a fact in our schools? Why do scientists etc. talk about it as a fact? Why on the news programmes are billions of years and evolution broadcast as concrete-facts? And why do so many Catholics rush to embrace evolution?

Is it because believing in evolution for the former groups help disprove God? And for the latter group is it because they then think Catholics will be more "modern" and less "medieval?"

Evolution is a theory. It is an unproven theory. So why the rush to promote it and embrace it?

I have a theory of my own.

Christ became incarnate and was crucified for our sins. He was the second Adam to undo the harm done by Adam and open the gates of Heaven for us. We have all (I hope) heard this in sermons. It is in our catechisms.

So logically if the modern world can "prove" by sheer force of weight ('the bigger the lie...') that we were all newts, then fish, then reptiles, then mammals, then apes, then men -- then Adam was not created by God, did not exist. Eden becomes a fantasy and history is rewritten.

There is no Original Sin (and the atheists love that as we can all then wallow in our concupiscent nature in a sea of filth) and therefore the Incarnation and Passion of Our Lord becomes meaningless.

With no Original Sin, there is no Redemption. No first Adam, no second Adam in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

That is why the theory of evolution is pushed as undeniable fact. That is why anyone who doubts evolution is painted as a one-toothed backwoodsman who's married his sister.

Our Faith is undermined in the media, in the schools, and in the precincts of our own churches by those who promote the infallibility of the evolutionists.

Our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has given us the ammunition to fight back against this onslaught, against this unproven theory that undermines the Salvific nature of Christ's Incarnation and Passion; it would be helpful if Catholics in the pews read their Catechisms and other works so that we, at least can be well informed and answer the lies and distortions of the media and the "experts."

Perhaps some kind readers can point out some handy online resources which help push the correct Catholic line on Creation, natural science etc. I would especially like to see materials that can be used with children and.or of a easy-to-understand nature for adults not especially theologically or scientifically minded.

I have read in many places that Catholic education is not what it used to be (i.e. Catholic). In fact the friend who lent me Archbishop Sheehan's book told me that it "used to be" used in Catholic schools. What a shame this thoroughly Catholic blockbuster that nails so many lies and puts forward so many Truths in a clear, concise and yet profound way (which is so easy to dip in and out of) is no longer used in Catholic schools.

Sometimes I do wonder why we as Catholics make it so easy for the enemy to undermine our Faith and our Church... when we should fighting the good fight to defend the rights and Kingship of Christ, including against those who might wish that Jesus Christ, like Adam, had not existed - and the useful idiots they have brow-beaten or cajoled into believing one of the biggest lies in history: the unproven theory that is evolution.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hurrah for Cardinal Burke: A True Prince of the Church

Even being a Cardinal, with all his duties, he is defending the Church, its theology and morality.

When the Truth is being publicly attacked, mocked and vilified, ones Catholic duty is to defend it.

Thanks to Linen on the Hedgerow and Summorum Pontificum blogs for allowing me to tiptoe in and nick these images ;-)

P.S. I know I'm clutching at straws and grabbing at tenuous links (hey! I've seen how they do it on BBC Wales!) but one of the speakers at the US conference is a Mr. Austin Welsh. Catholic and Welsh. Bravo sir.

Australian Bishop 'Sacked' - Hurrah for Pope Benedict!

Yesterday my eldest rushed to show me some news he had gotten off the web (from his phone) about the Pope sacking a Bishop in Australia.

Now we had visitors yesterday and went out for a family meal, so what with catching up with work I haven't had a chance to check the net let alone the blogosphere, but this news may well have gone viral. It deserves to.

As soon as my son told me the headline I said "that has to be good news." And it was.

Hurrah for the Pope! Viva Benedict XVI! Thank God we at long last have a Pope that is willing to order Bishops pushing heterodox beliefs (women priests etc.) to shut up.

It must be very hard to be a Bishop. Dear Lord, having all that responsibility for souls, having to keep priests on the straight and narrow, nuns too. Having to be the boss of schools, associations and so much more too!

With all that responsibility (for which, like us all, they have to answer to God) why on earth would any Bishop have the time, inclination or wish to push unorthodox (if not heretical) ideas?

I know that having a family, running a business, paying the mortgage -- all this is more than enough for me to want to start navel-gazing and pushing 'new' ideas (is heresy ever new?) on the Church? It's enough to try and set a good example, pay the bills, work, help the Church etc. etc.

So again I say hurrah for the Pope. In slamming down hard on heretical ideas he is carrying out a great act of Catholic Charity: showing souls that through heresy lies only damnation and trouble for Holy Church.

May this policy of action to defend orthodox Catholicism long continue!

And here is another new story about a Cardinal removing a priest who campaigned for pro-abortion politicians. Is there a change happening in the Church? Are we embracing orthodoxy once more? Please God let it be so...