Thursday, 26 May 2011

Abortion on Newsnight

What it's all about - abortion at 8 weeks
Just watching last night's Newsnight on BBC iplayer -- and I cannot believe the chutzpah of the BPAS "spokeswoman".

BPAS are as biased and as pro-abortion as you can get, yet she decries LIFE having any role in debating healthcare, abortion provision etc.

BPAS advise women on abortion, then provide many of those abortions. Isn't that what used to be called conflict of interest? No wonder abortion numbers grow year on year.

As an aside you would think militant feminists would want more women to say "no" when pressurised by men to have sex, especially (but not exclusively) at an early age.

BPAS and others have had centre stage in government policy for far too long - and just giving up one seat on a panel of 10 has them worried. Tough!

btw - this is also one reason why Tony Blair should never have been allowed to receive Communion. It was under his government that BPAS and others advised the NHS on abortion provision. Blair must have known this (he certainly took a hands on role in pushing through laws promoting homosexuality). It is still canon law that a public sinner cannot receive Communion.

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