Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Australian Bishop 'Sacked' - Hurrah for Pope Benedict!

Yesterday my eldest rushed to show me some news he had gotten off the web (from his phone) about the Pope sacking a Bishop in Australia.

Now we had visitors yesterday and went out for a family meal, so what with catching up with work I haven't had a chance to check the net let alone the blogosphere, but this news may well have gone viral. It deserves to.

As soon as my son told me the headline I said "that has to be good news." And it was.

Hurrah for the Pope! Viva Benedict XVI! Thank God we at long last have a Pope that is willing to order Bishops pushing heterodox beliefs (women priests etc.) to shut up.

It must be very hard to be a Bishop. Dear Lord, having all that responsibility for souls, having to keep priests on the straight and narrow, nuns too. Having to be the boss of schools, associations and so much more too!

With all that responsibility (for which, like us all, they have to answer to God) why on earth would any Bishop have the time, inclination or wish to push unorthodox (if not heretical) ideas?

I know that having a family, running a business, paying the mortgage -- all this is more than enough for me to want to start navel-gazing and pushing 'new' ideas (is heresy ever new?) on the Church? It's enough to try and set a good example, pay the bills, work, help the Church etc. etc.

So again I say hurrah for the Pope. In slamming down hard on heretical ideas he is carrying out a great act of Catholic Charity: showing souls that through heresy lies only damnation and trouble for Holy Church.

May this policy of action to defend orthodox Catholicism long continue!

And here is another new story about a Cardinal removing a priest who campaigned for pro-abortion politicians. Is there a change happening in the Church? Are we embracing orthodoxy once more? Please God let it be so...

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