Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cristiada: Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria in a Film About the Catholic Mexican Cristeros

Andy Garcia in Cristiada
Like the Passion of the Christ, I hope this film will show the true heroism of the Faith and the evil, twisted hate of our demonic-influenced enemies, from those Pharisees who caused the crowd to shout "Free Barabbas" to the Masonic movements today who seek to shut down the Catholic Church or limit its influence via "human rights" legislation "hate laws" and similar.

The more times change, the more they remain the same.

Today,we do not see churches barricaded, priests banned from wearing clerical garb outside churches, armies turned against the Faithful. No.

But the Masonic war against God and His Holy Catholic Church goes on.

Priests have been bamboozled into 'choosing' not to wear clerical garb and so we see "Father Richard" shopping in Tescos in his Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts (and sandals, of course). Today we see the Mass of All Time banned purely because Catholics have to jump through hoops to get to it and most Diocese officials ensure it is not freely available (despite the reported wishes of the Pope). And the armies? Well we see armies of lawyers and politicians using Masonic-EU laws to shut down Catholic adoption agencies. How long before Catholic schools are forced to teach anti-Catholic lessons (condoms, evolution, homosexuality)? Oh wait. They (or some) are already.

No we don't have recusants, apart from those who have to seek out semi-secret Latin Masses. No we don't have priest-hunters, apart from the lawyers who look for any chink of sound Catholic social and moral teaching outside of the weekly homily. We don't have Churches bulldozed -- because the 1970s saw that and now we have so many churches that look like roller-discos.

The Mexican Masonic government fought against our Faith, and the Cristeros rose up in heroic counter-revolution.

The powers-that-be have learnt the lessons. You can destroy a Faith through insidious means far more effectively than by open warfare. The click of a TV on-button is to be feared more than a click of a gun. Today's Catholics just "go with the flow" and so the Masons have (seemingly, temporarily) won.

Oh for heroism. Oh for Martyrs. Oh for the Rights of Christ the King!

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