Saturday, 7 May 2011

Doctrine, Education, Creation and Salvation

A fellow Catholic was telling me of how he overheard another Catholic loudly dismissing Creation in that all so modern "as if" way, that dismisses Creation in the wave of a hand and brings in evolution as the fact-of-the-matter 'so obvious' historical fact that we should all just wake up and accept.

I had all but forgotten about this tale when this week I was flicking through a book lent to me by a kind soul. Archbishop Sheehan's Apologetics and Catholic Doctrine is quite a tome, but what a treasure trove! I have already learnt so much from it and reminded myself of facts I'd forgotten from way back when. Heaven and Hell, Angels, Purgatory, Indulgences - and much more besides. There was also a great section on 'Sola Scriptura' which I'd spoken to fellow parishioners about just the other week - how the Bible itself (in the Gospels and St Paul's letters) proves the argument against Sola Scriptura and thus undermines the Protestants own arguments! Plus as our parish priest keeps reminding us: who put the Bible together - but the Catholic Church herself!

Anyhow, just last night I was flicking through the book (a great way to see what catches your eye and what you'll delve into for a 10 minute read) and I noticed a section on evolution. Being in a rush I cherry picked a few points. My plan is to return to it tonight, having bookmarked the section, and read it in-depth.

What I found interesting is that Archbishop Sheehan makes it clear that not only is Evolution a theory, as such it is an UNPROVEN theory.

So why is it taught as a fact in our schools? Why do scientists etc. talk about it as a fact? Why on the news programmes are billions of years and evolution broadcast as concrete-facts? And why do so many Catholics rush to embrace evolution?

Is it because believing in evolution for the former groups help disprove God? And for the latter group is it because they then think Catholics will be more "modern" and less "medieval?"

Evolution is a theory. It is an unproven theory. So why the rush to promote it and embrace it?

I have a theory of my own.

Christ became incarnate and was crucified for our sins. He was the second Adam to undo the harm done by Adam and open the gates of Heaven for us. We have all (I hope) heard this in sermons. It is in our catechisms.

So logically if the modern world can "prove" by sheer force of weight ('the bigger the lie...') that we were all newts, then fish, then reptiles, then mammals, then apes, then men -- then Adam was not created by God, did not exist. Eden becomes a fantasy and history is rewritten.

There is no Original Sin (and the atheists love that as we can all then wallow in our concupiscent nature in a sea of filth) and therefore the Incarnation and Passion of Our Lord becomes meaningless.

With no Original Sin, there is no Redemption. No first Adam, no second Adam in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

That is why the theory of evolution is pushed as undeniable fact. That is why anyone who doubts evolution is painted as a one-toothed backwoodsman who's married his sister.

Our Faith is undermined in the media, in the schools, and in the precincts of our own churches by those who promote the infallibility of the evolutionists.

Our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has given us the ammunition to fight back against this onslaught, against this unproven theory that undermines the Salvific nature of Christ's Incarnation and Passion; it would be helpful if Catholics in the pews read their Catechisms and other works so that we, at least can be well informed and answer the lies and distortions of the media and the "experts."

Perhaps some kind readers can point out some handy online resources which help push the correct Catholic line on Creation, natural science etc. I would especially like to see materials that can be used with children and.or of a easy-to-understand nature for adults not especially theologically or scientifically minded.

I have read in many places that Catholic education is not what it used to be (i.e. Catholic). In fact the friend who lent me Archbishop Sheehan's book told me that it "used to be" used in Catholic schools. What a shame this thoroughly Catholic blockbuster that nails so many lies and puts forward so many Truths in a clear, concise and yet profound way (which is so easy to dip in and out of) is no longer used in Catholic schools.

Sometimes I do wonder why we as Catholics make it so easy for the enemy to undermine our Faith and our Church... when we should fighting the good fight to defend the rights and Kingship of Christ, including against those who might wish that Jesus Christ, like Adam, had not existed - and the useful idiots they have brow-beaten or cajoled into believing one of the biggest lies in history: the unproven theory that is evolution.

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