Saturday, 25 June 2011

Liberté, égalité, fraternité: Homosexual "Marriage" in New York

Why oh why oh why?

"Equality for all" is trending on Twitter and it turns out it is a celebration of some "law" allowing homosexuals to get "married."

I am reminded of the Chingford skinhead, Lord (Norman) Tebbitt who said that homosexuals have equality -- they can find someone of the opposite sex and get married, just like the rest of us. Delightfully un-pc and probably a "hate crime" today.

The sad thing is that all these laws promoting the sodomite agenda are, at base, deeply hateful. They are hateful of Mother Church, they are hateful of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Kingship over society, and they are hateful of Christianity, pure and simple.

A handful of "activists" - and a big banner: says it all.
These laws, that promote homosexuality (a creed steeped in drugs, disease, hatred and death) do so whilst the minority-mob screech about "love." The silent majority just sit back and do nothing, because the politicos and media-moguls all seem to have signed up to this deeply, deeply anti-Catholic agenda.

Sadly the role of a diseased, sick, degenerate minority of primarily homosexuals who were allowed into the seminaries, in the church paedophile scandal has now, in turn, undermined the ability of our Holy Church to denounce such blatant amorality and immorality.

Catholicism must be the bastion of decency, the family and (stating the obvious) Catholic Truth, against the tidal wave of filth dressed up as "love" and using the Masonic battle cry of "liberté, égalité, fraternité" which starts by promising justice, but ends with those seeking to defend the Faith being guillotined.

NY Law on "gay marriage"

P.S. Governor Cuomo who rubber stamped this law sounds like an Italian name. I hope his Catholic family ostracise this terrible man for his heinous act which will lead many souls to damnation.

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  1. Liberte, equalite, fraternite and homosexualite!

    I hadn't hear the Tebbit quote before, very good!