Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Long Live Christ the King

Los Cristeros
Many thanks to Richard of Linen on the Hedgerow for being so kind as to send me a book on the Cristeros - after my recent post on them.

He really is a good egg. And he's not even Welsh! Just imagine! ;-)

His latest article on kneeling to receive Communion is up to his usual high standard of defending Tradition with that GKCesque sparkle in his eye.

I haven't started the book yet because of the avalanche of work I've been engulfed in over the last few weeks (as the dearth of postings on this blog show - sorry).

But I intend to (actually reading a chapter on the Virgin Mary lent to me by our Parish Priest re. Co-Redemptrix etc. -- and I haven't even finished the last Christian Order yet and it is a humdinger of an issue on Pope Paul VI) as soon as I can and will report back on my findings.

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