Saturday, 4 June 2011

Schools and Sex Ed: Are Times A Changing?

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently. Being self-employed, a dad and it being exam-time and the start of our family's "birthday season" all has combined to makew everything a bit of a whirlwind this week.

I listened to BBC Radio 4's Any Questions and I have to say there seems a groundswell of support for the moves by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries to promote abstinence in "sex ed" lessons. of course we get the usual backlash from the "usual crowd" but isn't it funny that most people think the idea of sex and promiscuity being pushed on children of 13 or 14 years of age (and sometimes younger) just is not right.

Deep down we all intrinsically know that. Even the "usual suspects" (with a handful of contrarian exceptions) don't want their own young children being promiscuous at an early age.

We have put up with Revolutionary anti-Christian, anti-societal and anti-child ideas being pushed as "mainstream" values in our schools for too long. usually it is just a handful of activists, via education authorities and councils, who have warped whole generations of innocents.

I really hope things are changing. We all want it to change. So why not?

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