Monday, 20 June 2011

The Treasures of Heaven: Great BBC4 Programme on Relics

There's a wonderful programme on relics and reliquaries on BBC i-player at the moment.

Well worth watching. Not Catholic in origin of course, but for a "mainstream" programme it gives a good insight into our Catholic heritage.

And here's a Catholic site on relics.


  1. I agree. It was particularly pleasing to see the "narrative" carried through from the middle ages, the period covered by the exhibition- to the present via our British martyrs and Archbishop Oscar Romero.
    To see the rope which bound Saint Edmund Campion, the eye of Blessed Edward Oldcorne and the "kit" used by priests in penal times was wonderful beyond words!

  2. This was really good,I just wish we had had more of Sister Wendy!!

  3. "Pat" - the blessed eye was on a programme before. It may have been about Cardinal Newman. [PUN ALERT]. I remember it caught my eye at the time. Groan.