Sunday, 31 July 2011

An Interview with GKC

GKC: larger than life
Do read this fun interview with GKC: it is very amusing (with some pearls of wisdom thrown in, as usual):

Necessary Therapy.

Just heard GKC quoted on Radio 5 Live on the matter of drugs (as taken by Louise Mensch MP) and the legalisation of dangerous narcotics, to the effect that it is the ignorance of experts that imperils men.

When the widespread misuse of drugs are destroying communities and a good percentage of a generation, how can making them any more widespread be any kind of answer? But then we Catholics have heard all these failed arguments before when it comes to more extensive and gratuitous sex education, increased availability of contraceptives and the increase in teenage single mums and abortion.

As Peter Hitchens has said, the anti-drug policy has not failed, it has not been implemented (rather akin to GKC's quote on Christianity).

Oh for a GKC today to pop the balloons of pomposity of today's experts!

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