Saturday, 30 July 2011

Irish Politician 'Misspoke' Over Paedophila

David Norris excused paedophilia
Here's a great post showing the hypocrisy of the Irish press and media over the recent clerical abuse scandal: The Hermeneutic of Continuity.

A friend of mine who is a true and faithful Catholic in Ireland (the media would have us believe he is in a band of very few) said to me quite some time ago that the state there relaxed the rules so that anyone could come forward and claim they were abused without having to go through a process that could charitably be called 'stressful'.

With the burden of proof being laid to one side there was a huge rush of 'victims' eager to claim their compensation and/or to bolster the numbers claiming against the Church. He said it was common knowledge that some/many of these were opportunists out to make a fast buck, whilst the "system" was happy to have over-inflated figures for clerical abuse.

Last week when the Pope recalled his nuncio in Ireland I heard one news reporter (sorry my memory doesn't spring into action with a name/place) saying that this showed the Vatican were taking this very seriously etc. Most other reports made play of Irish government statements that it was unhappy at the lack of action/apology by the Church and comments such as 'things will never be the same again' viz the relationship between church and state.

I know it does not for one moment justify even one terrible/heinous act by one priest, but we should thankful that Irish state-run care homes, schools etc. are/were free from all abuse (ditto our own in Britain),

In closing let us pray for all the Catholic children abused by bad priests, that they may find peace and justice, and that they may keep their Faith and find solace with Our Lady who can soothe their wounds. Let us also pray that Holy Mother Church tightens her control over Seminaries and their intake, and that we may receive Holy, Catholic Priests so that more souls may receive the Sacraments and scandals be replaced by saints.

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