Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Homosexual Lobby, Christian Rights & Liberalising Paedophilia

Here's a great post from A Reluctant Sinner, with some worrying news about the homosexual lobby, the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the moves to make paedophilia "acceptable."

I do find it annoyingly frustrating that the same people who wish to get active homosexuals into the Church, and make the Church accept homosexuality, are the same people who then point the finger at the resultant outbreak of paeophilia. It is telling that these same forces are now pushing for liberalisation in regards to this most sick of mental illnesses.

Thye phrase "wanting to have your cake and eat it" springs to mind.

Do these forces really think Christian rights must be trampled upon, whilst paedophiles' "rights" be exalted? So it would seem.

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