Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Rise in Exorcists: BBC Radio Programme

An interesting BBC Radio programme, drawing on the interesting film The Rite.

As is made clear, in America possession is primarily a result of Ouija boards, drugs and sexual immorality (inc homosexuality).

Food for thought.

So You Want to be an Exorcist


  1. Is The Rite out on dvd yet? I would love to see it.

  2. i dont think so... but when it does look out for the Welsh writing on the wall! ;-)

  3. I saw the Welsh graffiti. Perhaps you can translate for us...?

  4. AH. hmmm. I think I did in a previous post's comments. Search under the films tags. With my fading , floundering and faltering memory I dont recall the details.

  5. Shadowlands, yes it is and it's really quite good.

  6. wow - they kept that pretty quiet. i was excited and took my two eldest to see it straight away at our local Word-of-Cine complex (pre-packing our own popcorn of course). Will look out for the dvd...