Tuesday, 13 September 2011

BBC's Newsnight Attacks Christians as Idiots and Ignorant

Go see a Paxman-Dawkins Love-In
On tonight's Newsnight the presenter, Jeremy Paxman described Creation and Genesis as a myth. Christians who believe in the Bible were variously called idiots and ignorant. BY THE PRESENTER.

The modern deity of the atheists prof Richard Dawkins got a free ride.

I would ask all Catholics to watch the programme (it will be on BBC i-player soon) and then to complain to the BBC: BBC Complaints Page.

Our Faith is attacked on national TV by the BBC, its presenter and sole guest.

Please forward this message via blogs, forums and sites so that other Catholics and men of good will can complain to the BBC at the blatant propaganda.

I am not ignorant enough to believe Darwinian tosh (presented by Dawkins as fact) and yet to see proof of the missing link.

The BBC is supposed to be unbiased! We know it isn't and always pushes an anti-Christian, liberal atheist agenda. But that does not mean that we should put up with this rubbish.

Please complain.


My Complaint:

In the interview with Richard Dawkins PAXMAN [the bbc presenter] called Creation "a Myth". He would never do this about the THEORY of evolution, which was in turn presented as fact.

Christians were called idiots and ignorant. As a Catholic that belives in the Holy Word of God I was deeply affronted and upset. Not just by a totally uncritical presentation of dawkins, his theories and his advert for his book; but also that a BBC employee was allowed to poke fun at me, my beliefs and the Catholic Faith (as the oldest Christian Church and the largest Christian religion, to think otherwise is implausable or simplistic at best).

It was my belief that the BBC is meant to be impartial. yet this mutual love-in between Paxman and Dawkins was so uncritical, biased and warped as to be quite sickening.

Will the BBC do something similar next week with a Catholic theologian defending the Word of God, while the presenter joins in on their side, pouring bile at those who think we used to be monkeys?

No? Why not?

That is what you just did to millions of Christians.

The BBC is supposed to be unbiased. Increasingly I am finding that this is not the case.

I pay my license fee. I am a Christian. I believe the Bible.

If I were disabled, coloured, Jewish, Muslim, homosexual etc. etc. I would have "rights" and the BBC would never dare to "have a pop" at me in which the presenter joined a guest in ridiculing me or my worldview.

Yet because I happen to be a Catholic who believes in Catholic truth, I am allowed to be ridiculed and have my 'belief system' trampled upon by the BBC, its presenter and its guest.

Please next week can we have someone opposed to "homosexual equality" where the BBC presenter joins in on their side and ridicules those who believe that homosexuality is on a par with heterosexuality and/or married life?

I look forward to that now that I have seen the new way Newsnight is being presented.

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