Thursday, 29 September 2011

Haf Bach Mihangel - Our Welsh Catholic Heritage

St Michael's 14th Century Church, Betws-y-Coed
Haf Bach Mihangel

It's St Michael's Little Summer in Welsh.

Today is Michaelmas - St Michael's Day and when it is hot at this time of year (as it very often is, as my family are sick of me telling them) it is known as Haf Bach Mihangel in Wales.

Yet further evidence of the folk-memory of those happy times when Wales was Catholic and Welsh; when the Saints spread the Faith to Ireland and we Welsh enjoyed the Sacraments and honoured the Real Presence of Our Lord on the Altars of our land, a Presence that had been adored since some of the earliest years of the Roman presence.

Our Catholic Faith was nurtured even when the Celtic lands to the East were lost to the pagan English.

So celebrate Michaelmas today and if you sit outside this evening, perchance with a wee sip of ale, wish each other a Dydd Mihangel Hapus and enjoy the beautiful sunshine as we enjoy this Haf Bach Mihangel.

Yes, the sun shines in Wales. As some Arab chappies might intone, God is Great. Indeed He is.

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