Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Reluctant Sinner on Gay Marriage

The cartoon characters Calvin & Hobbes deal with moral relativism
That wonderful, wonderful blog - A Reluctant Sinner - hands us clear, pristine and Catholic guidance, yet again! Please take the time to read his thoughtful, insightful posts on this matter.

In these times of moral upheaval -- the moral relativism that the Pope warned us about last September, to which the Archbishop of Westminster and the Prime Minister nodded like those little nodding dogs one sees in the back of cars -- it is uplifting that so many sound, sincere and brave Catholic voices are raised in dissent to the moral anarchy that is gripping the upper echelons of politics and religion.

Would that the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, as a body, gave clear and precise leadership to every Catholic to be proactive against this push by a Prime Minister who has his priorities all wrong.

In the meantime it is vital that Catholic Truth is proclaimed by as many Catholics as possible, so that the clear leadership of Pope Benedict can be matched by pressure-from-below. Then perhaps, just perhaps, the leadership of we Catholics born, by the Grace of God in Wales and England, can find the courage to espouse Catholic Truth.

We should expect no less from our Catholic leaders. Sad to say the moral relativism of this world, the weasel words and the modernism and newspeak of an anarchic, pagan age seems to have seeped into the palaces of too many Bishops. Is this perhaps a small part of the "smoke of Satan" entering the Catholic Church that Paul VI warned of as he witnessed Bugnini's liturgical changes? Time will tell.

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