Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fatima, WW2 and New Age White-Washed Satanism

The inventor of modern witchcraft
I was listening to an old podcast from the BBC History magazine (an Irish Catholic friend dismissed it as "Whig history" when he caught me reading a copy previously) when the subject of the "Wicca religion" came up.

I am no expert in these things, other than what common sense and sound Catholicism informs me is a great evil and wrong. Yet what I found of interest in this feature was that the gent being interviewed -- clearly someone with a softness for paganism -- had to admit that the vast majority of historians interested in Wicca (which has to be a quite specific pool to draw from) admit that the 'religion' as we know it was invented by one Gerald Gardner.

Gardner himself claims he was initiated into Wicca by a New Forest coven in 1939 (a significant date) but the historians in question generally dismiss this and think that he invented the Wicca religion himself, in 1946. Funnily enough, like Aleister Crowley, Gardner claimed to use witchcraft to defend Britain from Nazi Germany. Make of that what you will!

Gardner knew Crowley (the Satanist) and in 1947 joined his Ordo Templi Orientis. After Crowley's death Gardner became the highest ranking member of the OTO.

There are a number of interesting points here for Catholics:

  • Our Lady at Fatima said WW2 would happen because of the sins of men, and here we have a degenerate man who founded modern witchcraft right after WW2, in 1946. Mankind has learnt nothing, as the Wicca movement has grown in Europe and America since then.
  • The movement embraced by extreme feminism for all sorts of political, sexual and social reasons, was founded by a man who joined Aleister Crowley's highly dubious OTO in which "sexual magick" (sic) was considered important.
  • Wicca is linked in with Satanism from its very beginning, despite the protestations against such links by those trying to be its public face or trying to whitewash it.
  • Those Catholic feminists - even nuns in America - who flirt with Wicca need to seriously sort themselves out!
  • Wicca has no roots in "ancient religions" or "pre-Christian faiths" - it was invented by a weirdo who liked nudism and sex, in 1946.
  • Catholics from every nation and of every "rank" must ensure that our Shepherds do not see Wicca/Witchcraft as a "fellow religion" in this age of ecumenism and post-Assissi ecumaniacal shindigs (e.g. the Peace Mala group promoted on the front page of the Menevia News diocesan newspaper promotes Wiccan groups on its website as I previously detailed on this blog).

Wicca was invented in 1946 by Gerald Gardner, close associate of Satanist Aleister "The Beast" Crowley and leader of his Satanist group after Crowley's death.

It's modern propaganda that it is "white" witchcraft, and a feminist old religion dating back centuries, is like so much else in this day and age, just hogwash.

Catholics: arm yourselves with the Truth. Only then can we seek to expose the Wiccan lies and protect our Faith from those who think we can 'learn' from these freakish cults or who think such cults are on a par with our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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