Friday, 9 December 2011

From Shakespeare to Blogging: Catholicism's the Key

I know, it's a bard cartoon! Groan.

As Shakespeare was a Catholic and had such an impact on the English language, not to mention culture and literature - it's time for us Catholics to (re)claim him as one of our own.

He lived in the time of recusant priests, torture, fines, property confiscations, and brutal judicial murder for Catholics, for remaining loyal to the Faith of our Fathers - the same Faith that Elizabeth I swore to uphold before walking at of her Coronation Mass as the Host was elevated.

Our lands, England, Wales Scotland and Ireland were nourished on Catholicism and "grew up" as Catholic nations. Shakespeare's Catholicism is a reminder of that basic fact and a link for all schoolchildren, actors and writers (even single-finger tappity-tapper occasional bloggers like me!) that our heritage is Catholicism and our strength, like the strength of our forefathers, is in the Sacraments, especially in the Real Presence of Our Lord on the Altars of these lands.

I suppose it's like the Parable of the Talents: Shakespeare used his many talents, and I hope I'm using my one and a half: which doesn't include grammar, erudition or soliloquies! ;-)

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  1. I agree Gareth, no question about it.
    BTW you should have added 'punning' to your talents list.