Friday, 23 December 2011

Why Does the Media Pander to the 20% Over the 70%?

In today's Daily Mail they say that roughly 70% of the UK's population are "Christian" and roughly 20% are "agnostic/atheist." I quote:
The Citizenship Survey showed that Christianity remains the faith of the great majority of the population. But its share dropped from 77 per cent to 70 per cent between 2005 and 2010. Over the same period the numbers who say they have no religion went up from 15 per cent to 21 per cent.

If this is the case may I ask why the atheists are always putting Christianity down, stopping Christian events, pumping out a huge proportion of anti-Christian programmes, holding sway on news and current affair programmes such as Newsnight, and so forth?

In essence we have a very vocal minority putting down the beliefs of the majority. Now when people do that against a minority, even in a sober, controlled way - e.g. against Judaism or Islam - there is uproar, often led by some of the secularist contingent who insist on defending "multi-culturalism.".

Yet Christianity is often attacked in the most shrill, blasphemous and obscene ways, discussions are often one-sided, and yet we are seen as "fair game."

It's high time the 70% asserted their rights (and the right of their Lord and God) over the minority who seem to think the media is at their beck and call.

It is the same people who try and undermine marriage at every twist and turn when every set of figures reveal that marriage is far better for society, children and couples (Melanie Philips made this point and wiped the floor with her feminist opponent, who had to affirm the figures detailed that marriage is best, on the Jeremy Vine Show earlier this week).

No doubt some atheist will pick holes in my argument. They are free to do so of course. I will counter that atheist states usually lead to organised mass murder (via gulags or abortuaries) and so it is my duty to stand up against their obscene hatred of God and man.

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