Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Animals Before the Elderly

Sorry to have to report that the Hafan Dementia Care in Ammanford did not win the vote and therefore the Lottery grant is going to the farm project in Swansea so it can have a cafe.

Whilst I think teaching farming to city children is a great idea, we see yet again that caring for the elderly - and especially those with dementia - takes a back seat to animals. No wonder the elderly are being maltreated in some retirement homes and hospitals.

But well done to Bernard for promoting this great cause and for all his hard work, in memory of his wife. He is an inspiration to us all.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Vote for Hafan Dementia Care's Memory Cafe Project

Vote now for Hafan Demetia Care's Memory Cafe Project:

Jubilee People's Millions.

Or phone: 0871 62 68 112

It only costs 11p to vote and you have till midnight.

You can watch the programme, and Bernard's appeal again: here.

Hafan's film starts around 21 minutes into the programme.

Vote for Ammanford Dementia Centre on ITV Wales News - Tonight.

If you have the time please vote for Ammanford Dementia Centre as it hopes to get a National Lottery grant.

As I understand it the vote will be tonight on ITV Wales news at 6pm.

A local parishioner - Bernard - does a lot of fundraising for them and accosted me (as usual!) in Barrie's chip shop as we queued to get our fish suppers. So please, if you get the chance, vote for the Dementia Centre. It isn't a "trendy" charity and needs all the help it can get.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Cuomo - Please Bishops Make a Stand

With thanks to the Catholic Cartoon Blog

Time for Catholic New Yorkers to make themselves heard.

Oh - btw, only 2,500 turned out for a "gay pride" event in Swansea last weekend. It rained on their parade.

That a freebie with pop stars (designed to get as many non-homosexuals along as possible) attracted such a derisory crowd shows that we Welsh aren't as fooled on this matter as other populations (sadly) are.

Another loss-making event propped up no doubt by Council Tax payers and Big Business sponsers. Shame on them.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Liberté, égalité, fraternité: Homosexual "Marriage" in New York

Why oh why oh why?

"Equality for all" is trending on Twitter and it turns out it is a celebration of some "law" allowing homosexuals to get "married."

I am reminded of the Chingford skinhead, Lord (Norman) Tebbitt who said that homosexuals have equality -- they can find someone of the opposite sex and get married, just like the rest of us. Delightfully un-pc and probably a "hate crime" today.

The sad thing is that all these laws promoting the sodomite agenda are, at base, deeply hateful. They are hateful of Mother Church, they are hateful of Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Kingship over society, and they are hateful of Christianity, pure and simple.

A handful of "activists" - and a big banner: says it all.
These laws, that promote homosexuality (a creed steeped in drugs, disease, hatred and death) do so whilst the minority-mob screech about "love." The silent majority just sit back and do nothing, because the politicos and media-moguls all seem to have signed up to this deeply, deeply anti-Catholic agenda.

Sadly the role of a diseased, sick, degenerate minority of primarily homosexuals who were allowed into the seminaries, in the church paedophile scandal has now, in turn, undermined the ability of our Holy Church to denounce such blatant amorality and immorality.

Catholicism must be the bastion of decency, the family and (stating the obvious) Catholic Truth, against the tidal wave of filth dressed up as "love" and using the Masonic battle cry of "liberté, égalité, fraternité" which starts by promising justice, but ends with those seeking to defend the Faith being guillotined.

NY Law on "gay marriage"

P.S. Governor Cuomo who rubber stamped this law sounds like an Italian name. I hope his Catholic family ostracise this terrible man for his heinous act which will lead many souls to damnation.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Michelle Obama - Catholic Church? Please God No

I just caught a 30 second glimpse of Michelle Obama giving a talk in Soweto on AIDS. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself (unless she is promoting condoms which seems to be the world's only answer in this hedonistic age, even though it promotes promiscuity and so the spread of disease and infidelity).

The church she was speaking at is called Regina Mundi (Queen of the World). I purposefully haven't looked on the net to see if it's a Catholic Church. I assume it is.

If you get the chance watch the footage online, on tonight's news.

You will see what I call a roller-disco church. It has the spirituality of a KFC Bargain Bucket. Everything about it screams modernism: the art, the seating, the building. It is just awful. And no I do not mean it inspires awe. It wouldn't inspire the lukewarm, it might just inspire and insipid worldliness, it may inspire people to stay at home and watch TV. It certainly would not inspire belief in the Real Presence of Our Lord and God Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

I just hope beyond hope that it isn't a Catholic Church. If it is, and it probably is as there's not many others that use Latin titles, then it - in and of itself - explains what is wrong with the Church.

God help us all.

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Treasures of Heaven: Great BBC4 Programme on Relics

There's a wonderful programme on relics and reliquaries on BBC i-player at the moment.

Well worth watching. Not Catholic in origin of course, but for a "mainstream" programme it gives a good insight into our Catholic heritage.

And here's a Catholic site on relics.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sad News for Catholics Who Love Their Faith

Image from Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice website
In the words of the organisers:

The Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice 2011 Conference has been torpedoed.

For more details see their website.

It seems that a regular Mass for practicing homosexuals, which helps promote sinful, active and promiscuous homosexual activity is acceptable to the Westminster Archdiocese. Yet a conference to defend our Faith and its Traditions is "torpedoed" first by seeking the withdrawal of Cardinal Burke, then by applying pressure on the protestant landlords of the venue.

Quo Vadis Archbishop?

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Long Live Christ the King

Los Cristeros
Many thanks to Richard of Linen on the Hedgerow for being so kind as to send me a book on the Cristeros - after my recent post on them.

He really is a good egg. And he's not even Welsh! Just imagine! ;-)

His latest article on kneeling to receive Communion is up to his usual high standard of defending Tradition with that GKCesque sparkle in his eye.

I haven't started the book yet because of the avalanche of work I've been engulfed in over the last few weeks (as the dearth of postings on this blog show - sorry).

But I intend to (actually reading a chapter on the Virgin Mary lent to me by our Parish Priest re. Co-Redemptrix etc. -- and I haven't even finished the last Christian Order yet and it is a humdinger of an issue on Pope Paul VI) as soon as I can and will report back on my findings.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

What Makes a Catholic Church Catholic?

I was chatting to a friend the other day and we started discussing films and TV series, and we got onto those with Catholic themes: typically redemption, wages of sin, forgiveness and so on.

Of course there are some great Catholic films out there. And some less well known. Some of my favourites, for different reasons, are The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Mission, and Braveheart. Others are famous for carrying Catholic messages such as The Exorcist and Clockwork Orange.

One thing that strikes me about films and TV series is that when they want to put across a truly spiritual feeling, whether it is someone needing a place of prayer and sanctuary, whether it is an exorcism, or whether it is a family funeral -- more often than not they will use "old school" Catholicism. You know - "smells and bells."

There will be statues of Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints. There will be stained-glass windows. There will be lots of lit candles. There will be a high altar. If a priest is present he will have traditional vestments, or be all in black with dog collar.

Yesterday I watched a Spanish film called 'Rec 2' and it featured images of Our Lady, First Communions  etc. - all thoroughly traditional. And today I watched Stuart Little 2 and in it the eponymous hero flies a plane into a group of nuns - all in the "full regalia" with rosaries.


I have come to one conclusion and that is that producers, writers, directors and various execs are no fools. They know what sells and they know what carries an audience.

"Fr Bobby" in a Marks n Spencer's pullover singing Kum-by-ya in a hollowed-out Roller Disco with a modern art cross and a table with a chair behind it, does not convey religion, spirituality, grace and faith.

These people are not idiots. They may not be Catholics. They may even be vaguely or overtly anti-Catholic. But they know that when a film calls for a spiritual presence, for the power, presence and strength of 2000 years of Christ's Faith -- you cannot beat the feel, look, presence and ambiance of a traditional Catholic Church.

It's very look screams out faith, forgiveness, prayer, sacrifice.

We all know it. We all feel it. That is why film-makers use it to convey that inner feeling. If they used a roller-disco 'church' they would have to work harder elsewhere to make it feel 'spiritual' and even then could fail miserably.

So why, given this is self-evident and obvious, does the Church not recognise this?

Over 1,950 years the Church perfected its Churches. The altars. The statues. The windows. The very feel of a Church would immediately raise your mind and soul to Heaven. The feel of a roller-disco 'church' makes your mind wonder "is it fish fingers for tea?"

Why do you think the Protestants went out of their way to replace the altars, whitewash the murals, pull down the statues? They knew this was the way to undermine the Catholic Faith of the (ex-)faithful.

We are frail and failing humans -- even the very best of us (i.e. the Saints). That is why we need all the help we can get. The Church knew this. That is why they perfected their Churches. They helped us focus on the Sacrificial nature of the Mass, the Real Presence of Our Lord, the history of the Church, the Militant, Suffering and Triumphant parts of the Mystical Body of Christ, and so on.

Is it coincidence that so many people have fallen away from the Church since Altars were replaced by tables? No I don't mean at the 16th Century "Reformation" - I mean in the 1970s. And the Altar Rails removed? And roller-discos erected? And the Liturgy and Vestments changed? I don't think so.

Why is the Catholic hierarchy so slow to recognise what even Hollywood directors (and look at the circles they move in!) know to be true?

The "Spirit of Renewal" has emptied the pews and wrecked many churches.

How long before this lesson is learnt?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Schools and Sex Ed: Are Times A Changing?

Sorry for the dearth of posts recently. Being self-employed, a dad and it being exam-time and the start of our family's "birthday season" all has combined to makew everything a bit of a whirlwind this week.

I listened to BBC Radio 4's Any Questions and I have to say there seems a groundswell of support for the moves by Conservative MP Nadine Dorries to promote abstinence in "sex ed" lessons. of course we get the usual backlash from the "usual crowd" but isn't it funny that most people think the idea of sex and promiscuity being pushed on children of 13 or 14 years of age (and sometimes younger) just is not right.

Deep down we all intrinsically know that. Even the "usual suspects" (with a handful of contrarian exceptions) don't want their own young children being promiscuous at an early age.

We have put up with Revolutionary anti-Christian, anti-societal and anti-child ideas being pushed as "mainstream" values in our schools for too long. usually it is just a handful of activists, via education authorities and councils, who have warped whole generations of innocents.

I really hope things are changing. We all want it to change. So why not?