Saturday, 7 January 2012

Are Catholic Priests Defying the Pope and Magesterium?

Soho outrage:' calls this a 'pride mass'
A leading homosexual activist claims that homosexual "civil partnerships" are being blessed by one or more priests. See John Smeaton's superb blog for full details

Enough really is enough. We need guidance, we need leadership, we need help! The wolves are amongst the sheep and the shepherds need to act. Promptly.

Bravo to SPUC for the leadership it is showing, and for all pro-lifers for showing the link between fighting the evil that is abortion, and the struggle to defend the family from other assaults on its dignity, and the sanctity of marriage.

John Smeaton is tackling real evil, and that is what is behind the Soho Masses, with its guile, twisted words and suchlike. This type of absolute evil will seem obsequious to those who matter into whose ears it will drip honeyed words of praise, whilst having a spirit of outright rebellion. It will speak of love, compassion, community, commitment, and even a disturbingly twisted Biblical love of neighbour, whilst spreading a worldview steeped in hatred, loneliness, violence, drugs and outright sin.

It will take no prisoners and paint its enemies, the defenders of truth, humanity, marriage and Holy Mother Church, as bigots, haters, extremists, and so on. So we must not only admire John Smeaton and SPUC, we must support them, for they are sure to face a campaign of hatred, twisted half-truths and similar underhand tactics.

Catholics must be clear that we stand, from SPUC to Pope Benedict, against moral relativism and the disordered deathstyle that is homosexuality. There can be no fudging!

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  1. Wow, this blog is like a treasure trove of nonsense. What does that 4th paragraph even mean?

    Why is abortion even being discussed in an article about same-sex civil partnerships? Same sex partnerships, by definition, cannot pro-create.

    You were up at 6.12am to post this hate-filled piffle. Find something more useful to do with your time, gods-forbid, even something more Christian.