Thursday, 26 January 2012

BBC Hosts Another Anti-Catholic 'Love Fest' with Liberal

Following the embarrassing love-fest that was Jeremy Paxman's interview with Richard Dawkins on Newsnight, the BBC has pulled off another one-sided love-fest of another anti-Catholic, ant-Christian liberal hero.

Today on his Radio Two show Jeremy Vine has "national treasure" (I kid you not!) Peter Tatchell in the studio. All but one of the comments read out were full of praise and the presenter himself all but gushed!

Anti-Catholic Pro-Paedophile Tatchell Twists the Facts
Can you imagine a traditional Catholic, a pro-lifer, a family rights activist or similar getting this treatment? I have heard Joanna Bogle, Josephine Quintavalle and others interviewed on such programmes and the BBC always has opponents lined-up to "do battle" and lets through plenty of "anti" comments from a seemingly irate public.

The BBC are increasingly pushing a liberal anti-family, anti-Catholic message, and have little fear in being obvious about their agenda.

Imagine if a public figure such as an MP, a businessman or a charity worker, publicly saying that some sex with 9-year-olds was "acceptable." They would (rightfully!) be hounded out of office/work.

And yet the BBC's "national treasure" had this to say in The Guardian in 1997:

‘The positive nature of some child-adult sexual relationships is not confined to non-Western cultures. Several of my friends – gay and straight, male and female – had sex with adults from the ages of nine to 13. None feel they were abused. All say it was their conscious choice and gave them great joy.
‘While it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful.’
He has already campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and for obscene material to be promoted to schoolchildren under the guise of 'sex education.'

Yet still the BBC sought to promote him and his agenda, even voicing up a poem written by Stephen Fry in praise of Tatchell.

Something is very, very wrong.


  1. I need a double dose of statins after reading this. And I used to be a Jeremy Vine fan!

  2. Gareth, I think some of what you say about Peter Tatchell is right, but also some is flawed. He has campaigned for all sorts of human rights that Our Lord also stood up for, but some which we may consider to be flawed. Nobody is perfect and I think you should be careful when you criticise him with such vehemence.

    1. Sorry Edward, but I will not give way to an apologist for paedophilia, who attacks the Church for the AWFUL paedophile scandals which, many authors have argued forcefully and with stinging articulation, occured partly because of liberalisation of church rules on homosexuals entering seminaries.

      Homosexuality is a grave sin, no sincere Catholic (and certainly not Our Lord!) CELEBRATES sin. Christ worked with sinners to bring them OUT of sin.

      We are all sinners, i know that. But as I say, no Catholic in his right mind CELEBRATES sin.

      We would not have special Masses, for example, for those PROUD to be murderers, adulterers, thieves (etc.)

      Those involved in public sinning (like Tatchell and his militant homosexual followers) are not allowed to receive Holy Communion. That is the law of the Church.

      Heretics say SOME good things [or no-one would follow them], but the Church has always condemned heresy [though she can be slow to act!].