Friday, 27 January 2012

Hungarian Government Protect the Unborn

On reading some Catholic writers' praise of a Hungarian government that was praising Hungary's Catholicism including the historic role of the Faith in the establishing of a Hungarian State, I posted a piece celebrating this fact.

One person leaving comments on the post chided me, stating that Hungary was becoming "fascist" (whilst leaving little proof beyond sound bytes).

It now appears that Hungary has asserted the absolute right of the unborn child to life.

If this is "fascism" (and that's a huge if) then (I can see people lining up to have a pop) I would rather see more such "dubious" governments than the liberal democracies that have resulted in millions of dead innocents!

A regime that kills the innocent has no moral obligations in regards to the treatment of the young, the elderly, the disabled, the poor and so on.

The Hungarian regime may not be perfect (I am not a politician nor a seer, so I don't pretend to know how things will end up), and one should add what can be perfect this side of Heaven, but so far it all seems outstandingly Catholic.

The Hermeneutic of Continuity on the Hungarian Pro-Life Law


  1. Nothing can take away from the Hungarian decision to give to the unborn the absolute protection that is theIr right and our duty. Nonetheless Catholics ought to be concerned at the way the same Constitution has given powers to the Government over the judiiciary which we in Britain would see as seriously dangerous. Other parts of the new law really do give further cause for alarm. Let us celebrate the pro-life stance but not ignore the real concerns that the powers given to the Government open up the possibility of a one party state.

  2. I agree with Frederick. You clearly choose to completely ignore completely everything else that is going on in Hungary - and you can easily find out. A lamentable attitude.

    What you are saying therefore is along the lines of, oh well, Hitler loved animals, so he can't be all bad.

  3. As I said, so far it seems Catholic- and mine is not the only Catholic blog to say so. Lest we forget the millions of innocent babies murdered in abortuaries...

    Is the new Hungarian govt NationalSocialist? no. Is it anti-Catholic? no. Is it in favour of eugenics and so forth? no.

    Therefore I believe the analogy with Hitler is dubious at best. Some say those who use the "Hitler card" in an internet debate have already lost the argument.

    The Catholic Church does not, and I'd be happy to be corrected, prefer one form of government over another (e.g. democracy, republic or even absolute monarchy) whereas it does take a crystal clear line on abortion.

    Of course like most I prefer safeguards against despotism and a system that allows safeguards against tyranny. But to state the Hungarian regime is in some way fascist seems premature at best.

    So far it has taken brave and courageous steps in regards to abortion and homosexual "marriage."

    "Loving animals" and stopping abortion/protecting marriage in law are far from the same thing and to equate them in a childish or facetious way speaks volumes in and of itself.

  4. P.S. I notice most of the Catholics commenting on the original site that ran the story are positive, in favour of the Hungarian regime.

  5. Just an update for those who prefer - like so many in the past - to bury their heads in the sand at the sight of creeping totalitarianism: