Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welsh Government Wrong on PIP Implants & the NHS

A ruptured PIP implant
News that the NHS in Wales is going to provide free removal and replacement of breast implants to women who had the faulty French 'PIP' implants fitted in private clinics baffles me.

The best comment I heard on this was from a lady who contacted a radio station to say that 'if the narcissistic women could find the money to have these procedures done, then they can find the money to fix it.'

I do feel sorry for those who find themselves in a worrying predicament, but this is a mess of their own making, and I do not think the tax-payer should always step in to mop up the mess. On a similar level I am opposed to all manner of plastic surgery on the NHS, unless it is reconstructive following cancer, an accident, a birth deformity etc. Sex change operations are especially worrying not only because of their cosmetic nature, but because they confirm the mentally deranged in their disordered and blasphemous idea that God made them the "wrong" sex.

On BBC Radio Wales the atmosphere has been heated to say the least, and I really do not understand why the Welsh government has taken this decision. Do they think they are standing up for "wymmins' rights?" If so they are sorely mistaken, as it is precisely the narcissism, fixation with "perfect bodies" and treating women as commodities that puts the pressure on women of all ages to be "perfect" that in turn leads to eating disorders, depression, injections, tanning salons, unnecessary implants and so on.

Until we adopt a more Catholic approach that does away with the airbrushing of stick-thin models, and promote a society that sees all people as created in the image of God, and all people as (possible) recipients of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord via the Blessed Sacrament, then our daughters and sisters will come under ever more pressure to look like the catwalk models, pop stars, film stars and others who infest the big and small screens (that breed of people who can't seem to make a marriage last).

Making the thousands of women who forked out thousands of pounds each to get PIP implants they did not need realise that this is a mess that they will have to find a way out of, via their insurance policies, the clinics they used, or their own pockets, will hopefully make those of a narcissistic nature think twice before putting totally unnecessary implants which contain dangerous chemicals into their bodies.


  1. A typical "Christian" view... You've done something I didn't agree with, now you're in a mess, it's you're own fault. Deal with it.

    Such love, care and compassion.

    You religious people are small-minded, hypocritical idiots.

  2. I don't claim to be typical and on such matters and will happily defer to the Church teaching if it deems to clarify such matters, but the idea that it is "feminist" to put alien chemicals in your body, or that you or I as taxpayers (presuming you pay taxes) should "bail" out wymmin who seemed to find the thousands of pounds it cost for such meaningless and narcassistic operations (when there are people in hospitals needing all due car and tax-payers assistance for genuinely life-saving operations), yet cannot find the money when they need to rectify the situation.

    I hope I'm not hypocritical because I try to be crystal clear in such matters. Throwing money at every case is not charity, helping those in real need is true charity.

    btw, Craig, I would say the same if men were getting trouble after spending thousands on meaningless cosmetic operations for primarily sexual ends. So in that sense I am perfectly "politically correct" and equal.

    Does that give me the Craig all-clear? ;-)

    Being able to differentiate between worthy and unworthy recipients of aid/charity is all part of making valuable decisions in life (or we could "bail-out" those struggling to pay a mortgage on a mansion while genuine cases of poverty get side-lined).

    To think otherwise is to give rise to a false egalitarianism in which the unworthy divert much needed funds and aid from the worthy.

    But then you atheist activists are either too dumb to see such obvious truths, or so twisted in your rage against God as to skip past them just to have a pop at the religious.