Monday, 16 January 2012

The X Files: The Truth is Out There - It Just Ain't Aliens

Do scientists believe in aliens - but not God?
I didn't see it, but an advert on the radio today for a new BBC2 programme about stargazing, featuring Prof Brian Cox and the Irish comedian Dara O'Briain, said that they would be 'looking for extraterrestrial life.'

And this got me to thinking. Stand back please. My wife will tell you this can be dangerous. ;-)

Why is it the "men of science" like prof Cox can theorise on the nature of the universe, can imagine what "might" be out there or how the universe "may" have come about, and now can even suppose on the advent of alien life-forms... yet it is this same breed who poke fun at those who believe in God, and especially those who believe that God created the universe.

"Where is the evidence?" they cry, ignoring much evidence already put before us (Fatima, Turin, Guadalupe and much else besides) but they are willing to believe in evolution of species - despite no missing link evidence at all (but plenty of forgeries), and they are willing to believe in aliens despite no credible evidence at all.

If the boot was on the other foot they would point and pour scorn asking why such leaps of faith are taken in regards to the missing link and alien lifeforms, but because they can theorise and ponder to their hearts content, we must all gaze in awe and hang on their every word.

Science cannot disprove God, because the laws of science were created by God. In twisting the laws of nature to try and "prove" what isn't, they just make themselves look silly, and undermine genuine science.

Some years ago I read an interesting article by the Abbé de Nantes' Catholic Counter Reformation in the 20th Century, a French journal (I forget the author). They wrote some fantastic in-depth treatises on various topics including Medjugorje, the Shroud of Turin and more.

In one article it dealt with "alien life" and it's summary was that some was fake, imagined, forged, hallucinations, secret armed forces tests etc. but for those with some depth to them, that couldn't be explained away, were clearly diabolical, because the central idea behind them was that if aliens exist as a "higher power" it undermined God.

Atheists will be chuckling, of course, but for Christians (who still outnumber them!), if we believe in God we ipso facto believe in (the existence of) Satan -- and do you really think the 'Father of Lies' wouldn't stoop to such levels?

Personally I think most "sightings" can indeed be explained away, so we are only talking about a tiny minority of cases anyway.

Just my opinion anyway... I'd be interested to hear what other Catholics think.

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  1. There are extraterrestrial life forms. They are called angels, at least the good ones are. The bad ones are called demons. God does sometimes allow either sort to manifest themselves physically on occasions. There, does that solve your problem?

    As to whether God has created other races of intelligent spiritual and material beings in this Universe, or indeed in other trillions of Universes perhaps - well, I suggest we keep an open mind. "I have other sheep which are not of this flock..."

    Will we have to share heaven with green eyed octupuses from Planet Zog? Or will each race have its own bit of Heaven? Not sure I could cope with too many exoplanetary lifeforms all at once.