Sunday, 19 February 2012

Cheesy Happy Clappy and Word-Change Hymns

La la la I can't hear you la la la
What a wonderful week for Catholicism. 22 new Cardinals if the caption in the Sunday Telegraph was right. 22 new Princes of the Church. Let us pray and hope that they defend the Faith and evangelise for Catholicism in all their lands.

I don't know the "politics" of the appointments, but we can only hope with Pope Benedict that we have more Cardinals now that will be mindful of Catholic traditions and also stand up to the aggressive secularism of the atheists.

Now we have discussed the 'top' of the Church militant, let's have some fun with its lower echelons. That's us.

It's a no from me.
In the car this morning we were joking about the happy-clappy hymns out there. You know the kind: "You are the pop and I am the cup" with the repetitive chorus: "Give us curly straws of love."

Then I got to thinking. We all remember the word-change hymns and carols of school days such as "When shepherds washed their socks by night..." and I sang, in light of the many old bangers I've owned which often reached journey's end by stint of storming heaven with prayers: "Give me oil in my car, keep it running, give me oil in my car I pray."

So please let me know what are your favourite made-up happy clappy or word-change hymns. The cheesier the better. And (new) Cardinals can join in too!


  1. 'Bind us together, Lord' becomes 'Bind us in leather, Lord'. (Thanks to my former Anglican Parish Priest, who revealed he always did this mental translation, I can't avoid sniggering every time I hear the line.)

  2. Here's one we used to sing in South Africa 35 years ago:

    We three kings of Barclays Square (local shopping mall)
    Selling ladies underwear
    So fantastic
    No elastic
    Only one Rand a pair.